Family photography Brisbane Northside

family photography Brisbane Northside

Old trucks make the perfect backdrop for adventurous boys.

For families in the Northern areas of Brisbane, there are some great locations for photography to choose from.

Being a mobile studio means I don’t insist you pack up your family and come to a little studio somewhere and sit inside trying to control your kids.

Its so much easier to be outdoors.

Here are a few of my favourite locations.

Old Petrie Town.

Old rustic sheds and fences and a Fig tree that’s 200 years old all set in an old farm village. The firehouse is bright red and striking.  If farm houses and old sheds are your thing, this place is fun. Just got to watch out for all the mosquito’s here.

Shorncliffe Pier

The gorgeous old jetty is closed for renovations at the moment I wrote this post but, hopefully once it’s been fixed, it will be back to it’s original splendour. Its a very small beach with old gnarled trees amongst the BBQ’s on the shore. Quite a sweet location but very likely to be blowing a gale on the beach so not for those families worried about perfect fringes.

The City.

family photography Brisbane Northside

There are lots of beautiful fig trees in the Northside of Brisbane.

Its not that far to come for stunning families portraits that will be around forever.

I tend to favour New Farm Park because it has everything… the river runs by, there are gorgeous big old fig trees around that make stunning back drops. The old Powerhouse itself has old rustic shabby concrete walls cracked with age. Old peeling doorways show its historic nature and its right in New Farm Park with its city views and gardens. Cafe’s and restaurants and coffee shed’s selling all types of food plus BBQ’s for the DIY types. Free parking and the best playground in town. Best not to show the kids the playground until after their portraits otherwise we will lose them in there forever. :)

Family Photography Brisbane Northside

For international travellers wanting Australian style portraits while they are in Queensland, you can’t beat Kangaroo Point Cliffs with the beautiful city back drop. The stone wall at the top of the cliffs is just lovely. The river at that spot is often seen on the news when a politician is being interviewed. I have on occasions seen Kevin Rudd driving away from a press conference at the top of the cliffs there and later seen the footage on the news, so it is popular.

Depending on what your family is in to, I’ll know the best spot. At the end of the day you really just want everyone to arrive happy and ready to have fun with their family.

Let me know what your favourite theme is and together we’ll design some beautiful family images.

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