3 Tips for Capturing Great Candid Shots

lets-play-ballMost of us don’t need to be told how charming a really great candid shot can be. After all, candids really do capture people in the best possible light. Their spirit really shines through in a way that shows up perfectly on film. Candids help to preserve precious details of the beauty of daily life as well. They’re simply magical in a way that really can’t be planned.

However, even though candids are by definition spontaneous and unplanned in nature, there are certainly still ways you can make sure that your candid photos are extra special every single time. Give these tips and tricks a try for yourself today. You’ll be noticing a difference in the quality of your shots before you know it.

Always have your camera at the ready for those candid shots

Capturing the best candid shots isn’t so much about orchestrating the perfect situations so much as it’s about being ready when they happen on their own. That means always having your camera ready to go when you find yourself face to face with the perfect photo op.

Get in the habit of taking your camera with you when you go out. When you’re at home, keep your camera out and ready to go in rooms where you naturally spend a lot of time. The more “ready-to-go” your camera is at a given time, the more likely you’ll be to successfully capture life’s most fantastic moments before they’re gone forever.

Learn to really see life as it unfolds.

Sometimes the most special moments in life aren’t going to be the biggest ones or the ones that happen on special occasions. Great candid photographers know that every single day is packed with precious moments that you’ll want to remember someday. All you need to do is learn how to become more aware and spot them for what they are as they’re happening.

Silly expressions, tender moments between loved ones, the way the sun reflects off of your child’s hair while she’s playing – all of these things and more consist of the very stuff wonderful memories are made of. Make it a point to look up and look around more often. You’re sure to see things differently before long.

Learn to be patient.

Some of the most amazing candids I’ve ever captured wouldn’t have happened at all if I weren’t willing to be patient. Relax and let moments happen naturally. Resist the urge to get directly involved in whatever scene you’re trying to capture. Learn to hang back and quietly observe instead. I promise that sooner or later the moment will just happen… and you will know it when you see it. Your job is to simply be ready with your camera.

This is especially important when it comes to getting great photographs of children or animals. Their true essence and spirit comes out in a way that can be accurately captured when they’re simply allowed to be themselves and do their thing. Try it for yourself and you’ll quickly see what I mean!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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