3 Tips for Fantastic Holiday Photos

3 tips for fantastic holiday photosIt goes without saying that the holidays and photos go hand in hand and it’s not hard to understand why. Some of our most treasured family memories are made over the holidays, as the holidays bring people together. In some cases, those people don’t get a chance to see each other the rest of the year. Plus, there’s just this special magic that surrounds the holiday season, so people are often at their best and most cheerful – the perfect formula for fantastic family memories.

However, experiencing memories to remember for a lifetime and accurately capturing them successfully on film are two different things altogether. Here are some tricks of the trade that can help make sure yours are everything you want them to be.

Know What Makes a Good Composition

One of the hardest things for amateur photographers to get right in regards to their photos is actually not the facial expressions of the subjects or the lighting the way you might think. It’s the composition. Most people tend to orchestrate what they think are perfect shots only to wonder why their pictures seem lackluster or boring later.

To fix this common mistake, try positioning the main subject of your photograph slightly off-center, but balance the overall feeling of the shot with something else in the background. For instance, you might try photographing your grandmother just slightly to the right of center when it comes to the photo, but with the Christmas tree on the left, ever so slightly blurred. It’s also better to move in close, as opposed to taking the photo from too far away.

Take More Photos than You Think You’ll Need

Another common mistake many people make is not actually taking enough photos. Always err on the side of caution and take more than you think you’ll need or want – even if you’re certain you’ve already captured the perfect shot. Sometimes those “perfect shots” aren’t what we thought they were once you actually get them off of the camera and into editing.

When it comes to capturing a particular scene, especially a group scene, take multiple photos in quick succession of one another. Most people don’t really enjoy posing for photos and would like the experience to be over and done with as soon as possible. This method allows you to be quick, but also wind up with plenty of shots to choose from later.

Nix the Flash When You Can

Although your camera’s flash function can certainly be a lifesaver, it’s always a good idea to go without it whenever possible. Flashes can easily wash out your subjects or even obliterate the unique details that really make a scene. Often, it’s better and more effective to simply position your subjects in front of a window in in a well-lighted room instead. When this isn’t possible, try using portable lamps to manipulate the look of a scene. You’ll have much more control over how your photos come out.

At the end of the day, getting great holiday photos on the fly is far from impossible. However, knowing some tools of the trade can really help you make sure they’re incredible.

Happy Holiday Season!

Talk soon :)


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