3 Ways to Protect Your Portraits

Sept29Our ancestry is a significant part of who we are; many of us have old photographs that date back over a hundred years and we all desire to keep them safe, hoping to help them last through the ages. I am going to talk today about preserving your ancestor’s photographs and protecting them so that they are able to last longer, as well as how to protect your own portraits in order for your future family members to have. This blog will discuss the various was to protect photographs and how these photographs can still last the ages due to the wonderful advance in technology.

Let Us Start With a Story

I was chatting with a father after taking some portraits and he was telling me about his family history. As we were talking, he pulled out a gorgeous old book that looked rather like a beautiful, old Bible. Inside were hundreds of photographs of his family, with some photographs being over a hundred years old. It was absolutely remarkable! His pride in his family history was absolutely beautiful. We discussed how the photos we had just taken would one day join those photos and become part of his family’s history. In order to save his family history and this wonderful family heirloom, the gentleman had professionally scanned all of these wonderful photographs and had them compiled into a book with stories accompanying each photograph. What a wonderful way to maintain one’s family history! Now, let us take a quick look at some ways in which you can have photographs that last for over a hundred years, preserving your own family history. 

1. Do Not Touch the Photographs with Your Hands

Any historian will tell you that the oils from your hands can damage old photographs or any old heirloom. Because of this, it is important to never touch the photographs with your bare hands. Use acid and dust free gloves – preferably cloth. This will keep the photographs look excellent and will help them last the ages. 

2. Protect Your Portraits by Having Them Professionally Framed

Get all of your family portraits professionally framed to help protect them against elements such as dust, which can make your photographs deteriorate quickly. When getting the photographs professionally framed, make sure they are tightly sealed so as to avoid those pesky geckos from getting to your wonderful heirlooms and destroying them. A professionally framed photograph will not only last a long while but will also look stunning when hanging in your home. When hanging them in your home, remember to keep your photographs out of the sunlight so as to avoid any fading. A darker location in your house will be perfect for any photograph. 

3. Have Your Portraits Scanned

You can have all of your family photographs professionally scanned in order to keep the history safe and alive. This will help protect your family’s portraits by making sure you will always have access to them if something terrible occurs. I can help you with some direction on scanning and am more than willing to help keep your incredible family history safe and alive! 

Your family history is important and portraits are one of the best ways to remember the stories. Help protect the portraits and the stories by following these simple steps. You will be very thankful! Give me a call today to learn more about scanning your beautiful family heirlooms.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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