3 Ways to Help Capture Your Newborn’s Personality in Photos

newborn photography
Whether you are weeks away from delivery or have just welcomed your new little one into the world, the next few months may be a bit of a blur. Between busy days and long nights, you may want a few professional photographs to help you remember the incomparable experience of having a newborn in the house. Plus, little ones have a lot of personality that may be evident from day one! Their temperaments may change throughout the years, but it is possible to showcase that initial hint of personality in a newborn photo session. Here are three things that can help:

  1. Choose the Colours

As your baby gets a little older, you can schedule a shoot to capture personality through facial expressions, games, and outdoor locations. However, carefully selected backgrounds, textures, and colour accents can subtly suggest your new baby’s budding personality. Is she fiery and active, or is he calm, cool, and collected? Pops of colour such as a bright red bow can brighten a scene without detracting from the baby, while a soft colour palette will enrich an already calm setting.

  1. Play with Props

Even babies who are active or easily upset have moments of calm, giving me the chance to photograph their tiny, sleeping figures in both classic and creative poses. This mix will help keep your shots unique, but you can also use props to help highlight personality. Here are a few examples:

  • Observant: Catch him or her peering up at a colourful mobile
  • Quiet baby, future bookworm: Have your baby curl up next to a pile of books
  • Little princess: Doll your baby up with ribbons and a frilly dress
  • Pet-lover: Consider including your family pet in the photo, intimating the bond to come
  1. Capture Moments and Milestones

Every baby has standout features that are worth capturing in close-up. I love highlighting tiny details such as curling toes or the way their arms stretch out. I will also take a few photos in scale so that you can remember just how tiny your newborn was. Examples include cuddling the baby in one arm, having him or her snuggle up to a teddy bear, or using a small blanket in a decorative basket as a bed. As your baby grows, you may be surprised at how quickly they reach different milestones! The first few months of life include everything from smiling and playing to crawling and walking. Plus, family portraits at any time highlight unique family relationships and bonds.

An ideal time for your first newborn photo session is within your baby’s first two weeks. My sessions include a mix of posed portraits and more casual lifestyle shots such as feeding and cuddling. Feel free to include any other little ones in the shoot to capture their sibling bond. I have over 15 years of newborn and family portrait photography experience, which helps make each session a success. Contact me today to book a session or learn more.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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