Approaching a Family Photo Shoot While Battling Cancer

How to approach a family photo shoot whilst battling cancerProfessional photo shoots are the type of thing every family tends to think about once in a while and with good reason. Taking your own photographs is an awesome way for a family to record their lives on a daily basis, but every so often it’s really nice to have a professional’s touch. Professional photographs ensure that special events like weddings, engagements, and births are properly captured and commemorated. The creative touch of a professional can also be a great tool to use when recording the everyday essence of your family as well.

But what do you do when you’d like to create such a record under a unique circumstance that is less than ideal… like a battle with cancer? Do you really want to be captured without your hair and not looking your best? Is that even something people do and if so, is it a good option for you?

A Gift to Your Family

I firmly believe that when people are determined to wait for the perfect, opportune time to arrange a professional family photo shoot, it’s most likely never going to happen. You’re always going to want to lose a few kilos first or wait until you have more time, but while you’re waiting, life is passing you by and you’re missing your opportunities to record all of those precious moments.

I’ve actually worked personally with a number of clients that were battling cancer and most wanted the photos so that their families and children would have something to remember them by in case they didn’t make it. Sometimes that meant choosing to be photographed without their hair or looking less than their best.

Each of these clients realized something that many people do not. Portraits aren’t really for you. They’re for your family, your children, and their children’s children to remember you by. Photos of loved ones are so precious to those people and an opportunity to provide them with that comfort shouldn’t be ignored.

A Record for Yourself

Some of my clients that have successfully beat cancer appreciated the portraits they had taken when they were sick or recovering in a way they didn’t anticipate. For instance, I had one woman who commissioned a shoot with her husband, young daughter and dog at a point where she’d lost her hair. We made her up beautifully and took a few photos with her head scarf on, as well as a few with it off. She looked beautiful and had a wonderful time.

Then later on, after she’d recovered, she came back for another shoot. Her hair was long and beautiful again and we took some gorgeous photos with her family once again. Both shoots together serve as a powerful testament to her strength and to the strength of her family that they’ll treasure forever.

That said, it’s important not to set aside the idea of getting a photo shoot because of cancer. In fact, it’s important not to wait. It could be a golden opportunity to find some fun, happiness, and togetherness with your loved ones when you need it the most.

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