Family Photography Beautiful Memories for the Whole Family

Family Photography beautiful memories for your kidsWhile it’s understandable that not everyone likes to have their picture taken, it’s also incredibly important to remember the true reasons why photography is a part of our lives in the first place. You may have a tendency to think otherwise, but in reality portraits aren’t really for you. They’re priceless memories that you’re preserving forever for your children and your entire family.

Family Photography Beautiful Memories

Family photography, couples photos of mums and dads, and even just individual shots of older family members may not seem like big deals now, but they will mean more and more to your family as the years go by. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that portraits should be all about capturing memories of their children for themselves to treasure as they get older… but it’s important not to forget that one day your children will want memories of you, too.

The One behind the Camera

Every family has that one member that’s shy about having their picture taken and always opts out of family portraits. In many cases, that person may choose to be the photographer in pretty much every instance. (It’s often the mother, but sometimes it’s the father or a grandparent.) However, the problem with that scenario is that person’s loving family won’t be able to look back on beautiful visual memories that include them.

This happened with my sister-in-law’s family, actually. In her family, it was her auntie that took all of the family’s photographs or hid every time the camera came. They quite simply didn’t realize until she passed away that this seemed to be the case every time it was picture time. Now they hardly have any photos of her to treasure and they wish they’d insisted on her taking her turn in front of the camera once in a while along with everyone else.

Your Family Loves You the Way You Are

People have a lot of reasons for not really wanting to appear in family portraits, but the most common one is that they don’t really like the way they look. Dads can be insecure about a receding hairline or mums can be bashful about those few extra kilos they’d like to lose. However, it’s important to remember that your family loves you exactly the way you are – extra kilos and all – and they will be grateful for the opportunity to remember you exactly this way.

You might also be surprised to find out that you enjoy remembering yourself the way you are now as well. Just think about how much you treasure photos of yourself from a decade ago. The chances are excellent that you can remember feeling the same apprehension about getting in front of the camera then that you feel now. Trust me when I say you’ll feel the same way in another ten years!

Always remember that these beautiful moments you’re sharing together can’t ever be relived and it’s not enough to simply remember to capture some of the experience. Make sure everyone’s included every time. One day, you’ll be grateful you did.

Talk soon!

Margherita :)

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