Family Photography: The Best Ages for Your Children to Get Photos

sweet-little-girlFamily photography is something I believe is absolutely perfect for everyone. It helps capture memories and is a wonderful time for families to laugh and relax. However, I’ve heard from different families that they aren’t sure what the best ages for child photography is and haven’t taken many, if any, family photos yet. I am going to take a look at all the different ages that are absolutely perfect for your children when it comes to family photography and why these are the best.

  1. Newborn Photography is Stunning

I adore newborn photography because it captures some absolutely gorgeous moments between the baby and family. This is a beautiful milestone, and is something that is incredible to look back on. I had one client who I photographed as a baby, and he now has a child of his own. We recreated his newborn photos with his newborn and it was simply lovely. This is a great memory for everyone and a milestone you do not want to miss!

  1. Cheeky Toddlers: Ages 1 and 2

This age is a fun one, but it can also be a little tricky. This is just around the time when many children learn how to run, which can make family photography a little overwhelming if you want them to sit still. However, this age is perfect because it allows you and your family to just have a grand time. You can run around the parks or beaches chasing your children, laughing, and playing pretend. I’ve had many clients who have done this, and the photos turned out gorgeous.

  1. Ages 3 and 4 Are Difficult, but Gorgeous!

This can be the most difficult age when it comes to family photography with your children, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it! This could be a great chance to bring your child’s favourite toy to the photo sessions, and to feed them up before it starts. Once you get to the location, playing pretend is a great way to get them to relax and have a splendid time, without being distracted by the camera or me.

  1. The School Years: Capture Wonderful Milestones.

This is simply a lovely time for children and family photography! The school years are the time when children start losing their teeth, and growing and changing quickly. Capturing these changes is a wonderful way to create memories and capture amazing milestones such as progressing and beginning a new year in school.

  1. Teenagers Aren’t as Difficult as You Think

Many families have to deal with reluctant teens that aren’t keen on having their portraits taken, but these ages can be incredibly fun. This is the perfect chance to capture their individual personalities and let them do things they want in the photos. When it comes to family photography with teenagers, I always encourage my clients to let their teens dress how they want, and then I will let them pose in relaxed, cool ways to make the whole experience fun for them.

Once your children are all grown, you don’t have to stop – I’ve taken many photos of children all grown up into their twenties, and started the process over with grandchildren. I truly believe that every age is the best age for family photography because children grow and change so much, and it is incredible to capture that on film. Contact me today and we will chat about family photography and where we can go that your children will simply love!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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