How to Get Gorgeous Family Photography for Christmas

pets-children-portraitChristmas is here again; can you believe it? When it rolls around, you might be thinking that you should have gotten your family photographs taken long before now. You may start to see all your friends and families portraits that have been taken throughout the year. Don’t worry, next year you’ll be organised and ready with your family photography. Lets start early. I love creating family portraits for Christmas any time of year. Don’t wait till December.

Get Your Christmas Family Photography Taken in the Winter

The one thing I suggest to all of my clients who want gorgeous Christmas photographs is to get their portraits done earlier in the year. Even Winter, while this isn’t very close to the holiday season, it gives you a chance to wear long sleeves or cozy clothing that we all know you can’t wear in QLD in the summer! Another reason I suggest winter photography for Christmas portraits is because you don’t want to be sweating in the pictures. We have had a few cooler days 28 degrees in between the heat waves, but I want you to be relaxed and having fun, and the summer months might not provide that (unless you absolutely love hot weather!).

Choose the Perfect Location for Your Family

Another thing I highly suggest for your Christmas photographs is to choose the perfect location for your family. This can help add a stunning ambiance to the photographs. We can go anywhere you want, but I love locations like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or local Brisbane parks, which can create wonderful Christmas photographs. I just love seeing families taking their holiday portraits, laughing and relaxing together! It is such a lovely sight. 

You Can Always Bring Santa Hats

You can add a great Christmas touch to one of your photographs by bringing  Santa Hats!! Even off season so you are ready for next Christmas. We can talk about anything you want to bring, or, if you want to setup your Christmas tree on the beach and wear jumpers? Whatever you choose will add such a gorgeous and wonderful touch to the photographs, making them fun and perfect for your holiday cards next year.

While Christmas is here now, it is never too late to start preparing for next year! Contact me early next year and we can talk about your Family Photography Christmas photographs. I can even schedule you in advance for winter photography to give you the best time and chance for stunning Christmas images. I can help you decide on locations and figure out everything that you think would be perfect for your Christmas photographs. I want to make them as merry and bright as the holiday season is for all of us! Call me, today, and we will have a fun chat.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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