Family Portraits and Their Importance

Sept47Have you heard people telling you that a family portrait session is not for you, the parents? This is simply untrue. In forty years time, you will look back and wish you had great photos with your children, with your spouse, and by yourself. This is a great way to remember you and your family when you were young. Family portraits that include you are also great for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. This blog is going to take a look at why family portraits with the whole family are important.

Family Portraits: Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

Family photographs are great for making memories and I know this is why you want professionally done photographs. These are items that will last the ages and you know that it is wonderful to look back at old family photographs. This is true for your children and grandchildren, as well. Your children will, one day, look back at the portraits and remember the great times they had. They will also tell your grandchildren the stories surrounding the photographs. It would be tragic if you were not in these photographs as you are a major part of your children’s memories. This will also be a great time for you to remember when you were younger and possibly laugh at your clothing and just see how much times have changed, even within ten or twenty years. Family portraits are great ways to reminisce. 

Don’t Always Be Behind the Lens

Without fail, when families take photographers together, the mum or dad is the one behind the lens. This means that there will hardly be any photos of the one taking the photographs. You, your spouse, or another family member might also be the one who hides as soon as the camera comes out. When my sister-in-law’s auntie passed away and when they began looking through old photos, they realised she was not in any photographs because she always used to hide when the camera came out. They were sad to realise they had no portraits of her; you do not want this to happen in the future. Photos are the best way to keep your loved ones close to your heart after they pass, and it is tragic if the family member is always hiding or taking the photographs. 

Children Want to Feel Loved

I have talked about this in other blogs and it is an important part of family portraits. Children want to feel loved and they want to be able to look back and see your love for them. The best way to do this is getting family portraits and hugging on them, with gorgeous, happy smiles. You and your children will cherish these particular photos forever; these photos will also look incredible on your family portrait walls and in portrait books. 

Don’t Wig Out!

Do not be afraid to get in the photographs with your family, these photos are going to preserve incredible memories and will be wonderful to look at in the future. You will have plenty of great stories to tell when going through the portraits and, I promise, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will cherish these photographs forever. Contact me today to set up a wonderful family portrait session.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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