Family Portraits with Older Children

family portraits

As much as I love photographing newborns and small children, there is something about the bond between older siblings and their parents that really catches my eye. I love capturing special moments between family members who have grown up together and shared so much. Whether you are a parent with older kids or an adult with grown-up siblings, consider booking a photo shoot to capture these memories while you can. These types of sessions are also ideal for those with relatives coming in to visit from out of town or overseas. Here are a few ideas for your session:

How to Get a Stubborn Sibling to Smile

If one of your siblings grew up camera-shy, the chances are that he or she stayed that way! The key to capturing natural, happy smiles is making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. That way, even the people most reluctant to partake in a photo shoot will be more focused on the time spent together, and less on the camera. I use a flexible and friendly approach to help everyone engage in the process without feeling as though they are put on display.

For example, clients have mentioned previous photo session experiences where they were told to dress up, jump around, or act like they were having fun. I would rather you feel relaxed and comfortable, not forced into anything. Finally, your photographer should show that he or she cares about each of your family members. Understanding the dynamics and relationships of families can help the photographer encourage natural smiles and capture the best moments on film.

Consider Including Grandchildren

gilmour kidsA family portrait with older children may include parents, grandparents, and even grandchildren. If one or more of your siblings has kids, you can decide whether to include them in a few shots. I am also happy to do a mix of shots, including adult siblings alone with their parents, each sibling alone with the parents, and a portrait of each smaller family group. In fact, I have coordinated a photo shoot for a family of over 20 before! If you want to include little ones who may tire out quickly or lose attention, I will help keep the session short and fun.

Alleviate Fears about Time, and Ask for Guidance if Needed

Perhaps you decided that booking a photo shoot was a good idea, only to hesitate at the amount of perceived work involved. In reality, planning a shoot is a very streamlined process, from booking the session to receiving your final prints. Coordinate potential dates with your family, and reassure them that it will not be a drawn-out or time-consuming process. In terms of communication, I am extremely responsive and will quickly follow up on any of your questions via telephone or email.

Plus, the session itself does not have to be hours long to capture great shots, and I will provide plenty of information and tips beforehand to help you prepare. During the session, I will guide poses and use a variety of settings to get the best shots. You can then review image choices in conjunction with me or at home, on your own time. Finally, I can also offer advice on portrait sizing, framing, and arrangements. Family portraits with older children are a great way to capture memories and celebrate your life together. Contact me for more information about booking a session. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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