Family Portraits and Storytelling

Sept50Portraits are so important for families and children, as they tell a story of that particular family. Each family has a unique story and I enjoy hearing each one as I take their photographs. The stories are varied, but I am always grateful to hear the little gems families tell me. One of the stories I hear consistently is how important family portraits are to many people. Because of this, I will be talking about the importance of family portraits in this blog and, specifically, how children truly appreciate seeing their photos on those physical walls.

First, a Story

I was taking portraits for a family with five children and began chatting with the father. He told me that portraits show children that they are loved and if the children have any doubts at any time, all they have to do is look to the wall to know they are loved. This was truly a remarkable statement and he explained that growing up his father never had portraits of him or his siblings on their walls. He saw many other families with professional, gorgeous portraits, but they never had any. One day this man asked his father if he loved the children, which shocked the father. Of course, he did! It simply came down to the children not seeing their photos and did not feel loved. Because of this, the gentleman wanted photos of his children to place on the family’s wall.

Family Portraits Are a Form of Storytelling

Stories make up a large part of our lives and we are daily living out these stories. Sometimes we remember things later on in life but other times it is easy to forget. This is where family portraits combine with storytelling because it is a great way to remember little stories and share them with future generations. In every session, there will always be a random memory or funny instance that pops up and I always try to get these on camera. These make some of the best memories for families and always look great up on their walls and in a portrait book. A year, two years, or ten years later, families can look through their portrait book and look on their walls and remember the fun time they had when getting those portraits taken! 

They Create Memories for Your Children

Most importantly, portraits create memories for your children and tangibly show them that they are loved and important. You may be surprised at just how much a child will remember and how early their first memories are. Many children will remember a photo session with their family and will look back fondly on those times when they are older. They will know from a young age just how loved they are when you make time to get photos taken together. They willalso know they are loved when you frame and hang the portraits on the wall. Like I said earlier, photos on the walls matter to children. 

Never Hesitate to Get Photos Taken

You should never hesitate to get your family portraits taken. Yes, there will always be the worry of a child having meltdown but I have captured many wonderful portraits for families to hold on to and cherish. Call me to set up a session and begin a storytelling adventure with family portraits! They will last ages and will make very fond memories for all.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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