Why You Should Get Great Winter Family Photography

family portraitSummer is slowly coming to a close here in Queensland, which means winter is soon around the corner. This is a perfect time because everything cools down, and you can get gorgeous winter family photography. I love this time of year for photographs because the light is so crisp and clear, and simply stunning. It adds such a wonderful touch. I also adore the families cuddled up in their cardigans, smiling and looking blissful in the cooler weather. Why should you get winter family photography? Let me show you just why it is such a great idea!

  1. Winter is a Great Time to Prepare Your Christmas Cards

When Christmas comes around for Australia, it is summertime, and we don’t want to rush to get out our Christmas cards. Winter family photography is great because you can pose in some fun Christmas inspired sweaters and get your cards started before the end of the year is even close. You won’t have the mad rush to get everything done last minute, and you will simply have a grand time taking Christmas portraits during the winter. 

  1. It is Much Cooler in the Winter

Another reason I love winter family photography is because it is much cooler in the winter. Here in Queensland, we do have remarkable weather in the summer, but winter provides families with the chance to have portraits taken without sweating and wearing their favourite winter stuff. You will also find that it is much easier to just run around and play with your children because it isn’t too hot, and no one will overheat! 

  1. Parks are Emptier, Which is Perfect for Winter Family Photography

With winter comes empty parks and beaches, which can be remarkable for family photography. We can go to your favourite parks and you will not need to worry about random strangers appearing in the background of your photos. Winter family photography provides you with an intimate setting outdoors, which adds such a gorgeous touch to all family photographs. This will also be great if you want to include animals in your portraits, because people in the parks will not distract them. You can also simply drive right up to where you want to be without needing to walk long distances because there won’t be any cars taking up space. You won’t need to bring a pram, which helps to lighten your load significantly.

If you would like to get winter family photography, then all you need to do is contact me. We can chat about what you want, and I can give you all of the perfect winter photography tips I have. This will be an incredible chance to take portraits when it is cooler and when the parks are empty, creating gorgeous, unique family photographs you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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