Getting the Best Out of Your Children for Family Photographs

Sept38I absolutely enjoy family photographs and I think they are important for all families to get. Pictures allow you to capture wonderful memories on film, giving you something to pass down throughout the generations. They also are wonderful to have hanging on your walls and in picture books to show off to friends and family.

However, you might find it difficult to get photographs because your children get too rowdy during pictures or never want their photos taken. Because of this you might not believe family photographs are a good idea for your family, but I am here to tell you I think they are perfect! I am going to look at three great tips for getting wonderful portraits of your children no matter what age they are.

Choose Something that Fits Your Child’s Personality

One of the best ways to make sure your children enjoy getting their pictures taken is to have a session that suits their personalities. I’ve had several quiet children where we took gorgeous shots in environments that were perfect for them, and I’ve had outgoing, outdoorsy children who ran everywhere. Both gave me beautiful smiles, which made the portraits perfect for families.

Now, if you have one child who is quiet and another who is outgoing, I think something like a park would be a great idea. One child can rest under a tree and think or read while the other plays on play sets and runs around. I can capture both of them in their element, getting stunning images for everyone and they will have fun doing what they love!

The Time of Day Can Make All the Wonderful Difference

Your children are a great indicator of when you should get family photographs taken. If you have younger children, getting photos taken earlier in the day works the best and older children, especially teenagers, can get their photos taken later in the day.

This is perfect because it lets the child be up when they are used to and I can best capture their true personalities this way! I had one family that loved getting up at the crack of dawn and wanted a session on the beach just as the sun was coming up. (This was a first for me!) It turned out gorgeous, and the family (and I) really loved the images. This session capture who they all are because they were up at their normal time and in their favourite location.

Feed Your Children Up Before the Session for Less Stress

A major reason why children throw tantrums before getting family photographs done is because they are hungry. Feed them up before you head out and I always suggest giving them a little snack right before. This gives them energy and gives me a chance to get some stunning snaps of them. This will also help mum and dad not be so stressed before and during the sessions!

Call me today and we can chat about family photographs for you and yours. Tell me all about your family, and I can help you choose the locations. I am also more than willing to give you further tips if you need any! It is my goal to help all of my families have the best day possible, getting the most gorgeous images they will be proud of for years.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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