Getting Perfect Family Photographs that Capture Who You Are

nature-background-portraitWhen you hear about family photographs, you might not think they are for you since your family may just include you and your significant other. I, however, absolutely believe family shots are perfect for you and I love capturing lifestyle shots of people no matter if they have children or not. I’ve had tremendous times with couples taking perfect family photographs with things they love, getting gorgeous shots that they cherish forever. Let me take a quick look at some ways you can get great photographs!

1. Get Gorgeous Shots of Boats, Cars, or Motorbikes

I’ve taken photographs of couples that involved gorgeous items such as boats, cars, and motorbikes. This always provides the perfect family photographs because it captures you with something you greatly enjoy and worked hard for! The father of one family I photographed once told me that he had a gorgeous red Ferrari. I wanted to see it right away because Ferraris are incredible cars! Taking a photo of him with the vehicle was a perfect idea, and something he greatly enjoyed because this car was his pride and joy. I’ve had other couples that have taken photographs with their motorbikes on amazing lane ways, creating perfect shots of the couple and of the individuals alone. They loved the portraits and I loved taking them! 

2. Bring Something You Are Absolutely Passionate About!

No matter what it is, when you are getting family photographs whether it is just you and your significant other or with children, bringing something you’re passionate about is perfect! This is a great way to capture everyone feeling absolutely happy and it can make the session incredibly laid back and relaxed.You could bring pets like cats or dogs, or horses that you own and ride them down the Gold Coast. It can even be your favourite books – just anything that you have a strong passion for. This passion will show up in the portraits, and I love seeing people’s beaming faces as they are with some of their favourite pets or items! 

3. Get Perfect Family Photographs and Celebrate Your Dream Home

Many couples and families I have photographed have gorgeous houses that are their dream homes. This is a perfect idea for a portrait because you can show off your house while getting stunning, happy shots of you and whoever is in your family. I love taking perfect family photographs at people’s homes because it provides such a unique atmosphere and it always captures the true personalities of my clients. I’ve had families with homes on large farms with gorgeous hills all around, and I’ve taken photographs inside homes, capturing the gorgeous layouts and items inside the home.

If you want to get perfect family photographs, lifestyle portraits are a wonderful idea! Contact me and we can chat about your favourite things and any item you have a particular pride in or passion about. I want to capture you and give you the best photographs that you will be proud of for years to come!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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