Getting Some Stunning Photographs Of Your Family: Photographing Teenagers

they grow up so fastThe teen years are some of the best, yet can also be an incredibly difficult time in our lives. This is when one goes through hormonal changes, have several mood swings, and have those pesky blemishes that pop up at the most inopportune times. One thing everyone knows about teens is how they tend to be stubborn and refuse to do things such as posing for family portraits. This is because when they hear “family portraits” they think about stuffy studios where they have to sit under lights for an hour and force a smile in uncomfortable clothes. I am going to look at how you can get your teen excited to be photographed, providing you with excellent portraits!

1. Let Your Teens Wear Their Favourite Clothes

When photographing teenagers, it is a great idea to let them wear their favourite clothing and let their hair be styled as they want it to be. This gives them the ability to feel relaxed and not feel that they have to force smiles. In fact, by allowing them to wear their favourite clothes and style, they will be less likely to rebel at the family portrait session and will gladly pose for photographs. 

2. Stay Out Of The Studio And Get Wonderful Location Shots

One of the main things teenagers seem to hate when it comes to family portraits is that they do not like going to the studio for a stuffy, hour-long session. You should take photos around town or at various wonderful locations. Location shots let teenagers relax, but also provides you with the ability to have some incredibly unique shots that all of you will love. 

3. Let Your Teens Bring Along Something They Enjoy

Another great way to help when photographing teenagers is to let them bring something that they greatly enjoy. This will help keep them happy and more willing to pose for traditional family shots. This can be something that you include in the portraits such as a family pet or something that they can look at or play with, such as a iPad, if there is a moment to wait.

In Closing, Photographing Teenagers Can Be Wonderful!

You will want to capture these years before your teenagers change and grow up. Photographing teenagers can be absolutely wonderful and provides everyone with excellent portraits. In fact, this can provide future generations with excellent photographs of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents when they were teenagers. I have a photograph of my mother when she was 19, and it is something I cherish greatly. Contact me today, and we can talk about some excellent location shots and ideas for family portraits that you and your teen will absolutely love!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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