In Honour of the Mums Left Out of Candid Family Portraits

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Have you ever noticed that mums seem to be the ones left out of most candid family portraits? Whether everyone is gathered for a holiday, birthday celebration, or another event, it is important to make sure that a few of those quick snapshots include mum, too! This post also serves as a reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on 8 May, and organising a photo shoot is the perfect gift. Keep scrolling to learn more about booking a photo session to celebrate your mum or wife.

Bring Everyone Together

There are many different ways to describe a family. Perhaps it is just the two of you, or the two of you and your beloved pet. Do you have one or two small children or several grown children and your grandchildren? Do you have parents or extended relatives coming in town to visit soon? Photo shoots are a great way to gather everyone together and celebrate your unique bond. Sessions are casual, fun, and extremely memorable, making them an activity everyone will enjoy. Plus, bringing all the children or siblings together is a great way to show your mum how much you care about one another and demonstrate your appreciation for her.

Let Me Take the Lead

Mums tend to have multiple to-do lists and often have to organise events for everyone else. Booking a photo session with me means letting her take it easy for the day. She does not need to organise the shots or worry about poses, because you can leave everything to me. I can coax great smiles out of everyone, even the shyest or most unwilling of participants. I will also coordinate with you directly about time, location, and even outfit suggestions if you want. Putting a bit of an effort into organising a session on her behalf will go a long way toward showing her how you care!

Candid Family Portraits: Types of Shots

By now, you may be imagining your children or siblings all gathered on the beach, either running about or nervously waiting for instruction. The goal is to relax and enjoy, so trust that I will get a great combination of shots. Let me know if there are specific shots you would like, such as a big group shot, a picture of mum with each child individually, or a shot of her and her spouse or partner. I love capturing spontaneous smiles and interactions as well as planned, beautifully composed lifestyle portraits.

Ask for Framing Assistance

Although the session itself will be a blast, half of the fun is seeing the resulting images. I can help you choose prints, and even offer advice about matting and framing. There are many different ways to gift and display your favourite images, including:

  • A trio of prints
  • Different images and frames for home and work
  • Multiple sets of images so everyone gets them
  • Different sets of prints for two or more rooms, complete with coordinating frames

In addition to adding to your home’s beautiful décor, mats and frames will help protect your precious images over time.

Why Go Professional?

Let’s say you suggested the idea of booking a photo shoot to one of your siblings, who quickly shot it down. After all, couldn’t you set up your iPhone on a stand with a timer and gather for a group shot? In reality, the difference between an at-home and a professional photo shoot is astounding. The right equipment and understanding of balance, lighting, composition, and editing makes all the difference in creating stunning images you will want to display.

It is also an investment of time that will richly pay off, as you will spend quality time with your mum and have much more to show for it than a few blurry or off-centre images. The resulting prints from a professional photo session will be cherished for years to come, and looking back on them will only remind you of the fun time you spend together.

Give a Gift Mum Will Love

My photo sessions include a mix of formal and candid family portraits, capturing your connection, relationships, and bond. I can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing a location and the best time of day to suggesting clothing choices and framing options. We may not be able to schedule your shoot before Mother’s Day this year, but you can give your mum a gift certificate and talk to her about possible session dates! Contact me today to learn more.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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