Lifestyle Portraits: Including Horses In Family Portraits

Horses In Family Portraits

When you hear about lifestyle portraits, you probably think of people riding motorbikes or posing with boats, but one of my favourite lifestyle portraits to do is with horses. Owning horses is an incredible life achievement that everyone is absolutely proud of, and for good reason! Because of this, I often encourage people to include their horses in family portraits to make the photographs something they will all love and enjoy for years to come. Including horses in family portraits also helps the entire process be absolutely relaxed for everyone, and creates some of the most gorgeous photographs for your family.

Include Horses In Family Portraits At Home

One of the best things about including horses in family portraits is that you and your family can just stay at home and I will come to you. You can wear your favourite comfortable clothing, and spend time doing the things that you love. I’ve had several clients who ride their horses while I snap photographs of them. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I can always capture some of the most stunning images. I photographed one family where the three daughters all had horses; I got excellent shots of them riding around, laughing and just having a grand time. I was also able to get a whole shot of the family leaning up against the fence with their dogs and the three horses with their heads over the fence. This was absolutely breathtaking and made for some perfect photographs that the family enjoys immensely.

I photographed another family that had three generations of horse people. We were at the home that the grandfather built and owned and it was a perfect opportunity to capture the whole family riding their horses. I even got a stunning image of the grandfather with his gorgeous white stallion on a hill with the most beautiful imagery in the background. It turned out simply perfect. 

Plan A Trip With Your Horses

You don’t have to stay at home, however, to get great photographs and include horses in family portraits. Something that I would love to do is capture stunning images of people riding their horses along the beach. Hair streaming in the wind, the water splashing, and gorgeous, relaxing families just enjoying their time with each other and their horses; this would be an absolutely splendid idea for your family portraits! We can go to various places throughout the area to create gorgeous images of your family and horses, capturing the joy of your family. 

Until Next Time

It will take some planning, but regardless of location, I am absolutely willing to include horses in family portraits. If you are going to be traveling to certain locations with your horses and would like family portraits, call me and we can chat about taking photographs. I can also head out to your home if you’d prefer to have photographs out on your land with your home, stables and your entire family in the photographs. Wherever you go, these photographs will be some of the most elegant, fabulous images you can have with your family! Call me today to set up a session time.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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