Including Pets in Your Family Photography: Gorgeous Memories for All

pet photographyI know how precious pets are to every single family; as a family we had a Doberman and adored him. Because of this, I know just how important including pets in photography is when it comes to family photos. It is a great idea to bring along your beloved pet or to have a house-based session with the animals you have. I am going to look at the different animals that are perfect for family photography and how you can prepare for a gorgeous, fun session with your family and pets.

Cats Are Gorgeous for Photos But Need to Be Photographed at Home

There are many people out there who are cat people, but cats can be difficult to photograph unless they are very well trained. Including pets, especially cats, in photography means you need to know just what your pet can handle. I find it easier to do cat photography at a person’s home where the cat is comfortable and is more likely to pose for pictures. Again, some cats aren’t trained to sit still when getting a picture taken and we all know how difficult and stubborn they can be when they choose to! It can help to get your cat used to a camera before the session, making them more likely to sit still for a brief time to get gorgeous photographs of them. 

Dogs Are Great but Need the Chance to Run Before the Session

Dogs are the best and easiest animals to include in photography. They are fun to be around and always seem to be posing in a happy manner. When including pets such as dogs in family photography, make sure you let them run and play before the session. This will help tire them out enough to sit while getting pictures taken. However, you shouldn’t run them around too much, as pictures where everyone is playing with the dog are gorgeous! This will help make everyone happy and relaxed, creating gorgeous images that you will simply adore. 

Including Pets in Photography Isn’t Limited to One Type

When including pets in photography, you aren’t limited to just dogs or cats, you can have any of your pets in your photos. They all matter and are just as important no matter what. I’ve photographed adorable pet rats and have captured gorgeous images of horses walking around their fields or even on the beach. I have even photographed snakes, which is just incredible to see when looking back through the photos! Including pets in photography is a great way to keep the memory of your favourite pet alive and no pet will ever be excluded from that.

If you want to get gorgeous images by including pets in your family photography, then give me a call and we can chat. I love photographing animals, and as I mentioned, I know just how important they are to our lives. When you call, we can talk about the pets you have and your ideas for photos. I can also give any tips you may need regarding your pets and set up the best location, whether a park, beach or your home to capture the pets in the best way possible. Contact me today to learn more!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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