The Kiss Photography Formula for Great, Simple Family Portraits

children-photo-shootOne of the main reasons families do not get portraits taken is because they are far too busy to think of it. When they get a chance to, they immediately decide against getting professional portraits because they simply don’t have the time for an hour to two-hour session in a studio. Can you relate to this? Well, I have some great news for you! Here at Kiss Photography, I have made an excellent formula that makes sure you get the best, simple family portraits taken in about twenty minutes. Let’s take a look at my formula and how it can help you get amazing, yet simple family portraits no matter how busy you are!

Step One: Contact Me And We Can Chat

The first step to getting simple family portraits is to contact me and talk about what you want. I’ll ask you different questions about your family, the various personalities, and how many people there will be. I will also ask questions regarding your preferred clothing style and colour, favourite locations, and if you have a family pet that you want to bring along. Once we settle this, I can help you decide on the perfect location, clothing, and anything else, saving you significant time on decision making. 

Step Two: I Make The Whole Process Easy

Once we have chatted, and decide on a day, I make sure that you get simple family portraits and that I finish everything before you know it. If you need to reschedule, I am more than willing to do so because my aim is to make the process as easy and natural as possible. I send all clients information on how to prepare for the session, giving you the ability to be fully relaxed before you head out. Once we are at your chosen location, I will take some stunning shots and can be done in about twenty minutes, giving you the ability to enjoy the rest of your day with your family. 

Step Three: Get The Best Family Portraits

After we’ve finished the session, you will be able to look through the photographs in about ten days. This process takes about an hour, but you can look through, compare, and cull until you have your favourite portraits. Many families prefer just getting five to ten portraits, which is why I aim to make the session easy and efficient for you. Once you decide on photographs, I then will enhance them slightly, retouching is available to hide anything you don’t like, and get them printed for you. In fact, I will even head to the framers with you once the portraits are complete to help you choose the perfect frames so that your simple family portraits don’t stay in a box forever. 

In Closing, It Is Time To Get Great, Simple Family Portraits

As you can see, I make sure that the whole process is easy, giving you natural family portraits that are gorgeous. Don’t hesitate to get your family portraits due to time constraints anymore. Contact me today, and we can talk about your family portraits, getting you the best photographs that you will love forever.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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