Photo Memorials: Making History for Future Generations

Sept09We all love seeing our old family photographs whether they are just from a few decades ago or are much older. These photos are gorgeous and they capture a time that we either never experienced or experienced so long ago! When you flip through old photographs, you find yourself in the midst of a history that is exciting to encounter. Sadly, these amazing photographs will start to degrade and crack over time, which means that getting them retouched and creating photo memorials is a perfect way to keep them safe. Photo memorials help keep the memories alive for much longer, giving future generations the chance to experience this history as well!

  1. Preserving Old Photographs Makes for Great Photo Memorials

Something I always strongly encourage my clients to do is make sure their old family photographs are preserved well. One of the best ways to preserve your old family photos and make a photo memorial is to have them retouched and digitally stored. This will make sure that, if you lose your photos due to a disaster, you and future generations will always have access to these incredible pieces of history. Technology works wonders on older photographs and helps keep them in your family for decades and decades! You can get colour touch-ups, have creases and cracks removed, and many other amazing things. 

  1. Professional Family Photographs Will Last for Decades

Now, I love that people protect their old family photographs and create great photo memorials, but another thing I love is when people get their own family photos to add to the collection. One day, your children’s children will be looking through old photographs and come across ones of your family when their parents were children. This is such a great way to talk to children about the past, and, several more years down the road, your story will still continue to future generations. The best way to make sure this happens is to get professional photography. A good photograph that is printed on the highest quality photo paper and receives proper care will ensure that your current family photographs will last for many years. 

  1. Combine Old Photographs with New Ones for Memorials

When you start to create a photo memorial of your old family photographs, also consider including your own photos. You can make a memorial that is similar to a family tree that shows the progression of your family and how it has grown or any other way you choose. It is always fun to do these because you see fun things like a great-grandfather holding his hand just like you do or that you look exactly like your grandmother did when she was your age. Make these memorials to create long lasting memories for your family now, and for future generations who will simply love to see what their family used to look like!

Do you have gorgeous old family photographs you would like to get memorialised? Then contact me! We can work out what all you will need and I will gladly take family photographs to add to the photo memorial. I love seeing old family photos and helping my clients keep their family’s memory alive for decades!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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