Protecting Family Photographs: Make Them Last the Ages

kiss photographyFamily portraits are wonderful treasures that I know all of my clients adore. Something many adore even more are their old photos of previous generations. I have had many clients who have brought along gorgeous photo books of old portraits that show off their entire family. I think it is simply lovely to look back through these photographs to see what their families looked like. Many of my clients always want to know how they can make sure their photographs last just as long as the old ones, as well as protecting family photographs for longer. I am going to take a look at how protecting family photographs can be easy and a great idea to help your portraits last decades.

Get The Photos Professionally Scanned and Repaired

One of the first things I suggest to my clients with their old family photographs is to scan them, have them digitally repaired, and put into a gorgeous photo book. This is great when protecting family photographs, and also creates a stunning book that will be lovely to pass down throughout the generations. This gives you the chance to get your old photographs retouched, and you can even have them physically repaired to make them look as good as new while preserving them in the safe pages of a book.

Do Not Touch Photographs By Hand

When you handle your photographs, you need to make sure that, whether they are old or new, you do not touch them with your fingers. The oils in our skin can cause problems with the photo paper, smudging the photographs and making them deteriorate over time. Use gloves when you are holding your photos or put them into a book to leaf through without worrying about the oil from your hands getting on the pictures.

Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight

Protecting family photographs also requires you to make sure the photos are not in direct sunlight. Many times, people don’t consider this and hang their portraits on walls directly across from large windows. However, this can fade your photos over time, and make them grungy-looking quickly. Keep them in a darker place that doesn’t have direct light that will fade the photographs for the best results. If you aren’t planning on hanging all of your portraits, you should either put them into a book or in a tightly sealed photo box.

Frame all Photos to Protect Them

Hanging photographs is something we all want to do because we want to show off our favourite, gorgeous family photographs. When it comes to protecting family photographs and hanging them, you need to make sure they are framed first. This will help keep dust off of the photographs, and if you have a solid frame and background, pesky geckos, and other animals or bugs will have a hard time getting to the photograph.

If you would like suggestions on where to find someone to help you when it comes to protecting family photographs, give me a call and we can chat. I can help you find expert framers to protect your photos, as well as helping you find a place to repair and scan in your old family photos. Contact me, today!

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