Rainy Day Family Photographs: No Need to Reschedule

family-portrait-poseOver the years, I’ve had different clients that see a forecast for rain and call me to see if we need to reschedule. I always tell them we don’t need to, and that it can be a fun adventure. In fact, most of the time, the weather will change or it will simply be overcast which gives off a gorgeous glow and perfect lighting for any photo. I am going to take a look at just why you should get rainy day family photographs and how much fun you will have with you and your family!

  1. Overcast Skies Are Perfect Lighting

As I mentioned earlier, something that is absolutely fantastic about rainy day family photographs is that the overcast skies provide perfect lighting. You will find that you won’t be squinting due to bright sunlight, and the light is so natural and gorgeous. I’ve taken many photos of families under overcast skies, and the light has turned out to be simply magical, creating gorgeous photos the families adored and still cherish. 

  1. It is a Great Chance to Be Relaxed and Have Fun

Rainy day family photographs provide such a wonderful chance to take time to relax, laugh, and have a great time. Many people worry that rain can ruin a photo session, but it ends up making the whole experience fun for everyone. When your children are running around playing in the puddles and laughing, I am able to capture their gorgeous, cheeky personalities, which will create perfect photographs. You will also feel relaxed just by running around and having fun, as well, and I can capture your fun personality along with your children! 

  1. Rainy Day Family Photographs Provide an Adventure

When it comes to taking family photographs, many people think the session needs to be serious. However, I love when families make the day a whole adventure because that provides them with the chance for natural photos. When you get rainy day family photographs, you will have the perfect chance to have an adventure and make your photos unique. Your kids, and even teenagers, will be more willing to participate in family photos if the session isn’t too serious, and rainy days provide the perfect and fun adventure. 

I love rainy day portraits and I am sure that you will love them, too. When you give me a call, we can talk about what you initially want in your photos, but if the forecast starts to call for rain, don’t reschedule! We can work this to our benefit, and create stunning photographs that you will cherish forever and will be proud to share with other family and friends. If it does start to rain, we can chat about the next steps and go from there. Let’s have an incredible adventure!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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