Three Must Have Family Portrait Ideas


Life can get very busy, which keeps many of us from getting family portraits taken. We believe that we do not have much time, as well as that we have to spend a lot on portraits and order hundreds of photographs once the session is over. The great news is that a simple session does not take a long time to complete, and you do not have to spend quite a bit of money on portraits. It is a great idea for you to take family portraits every two to three years, to capture a few simple memories. I am going to focus on a few family portrait ideas without you needing to spend a significant amount of time in a studio and feeling obligated to purchase tons of portraits.

1. Take A Portrait of The Family Together

Getting a photograph or two of the whole family together is one of the best family portrait ideas to get done every two to three years. This will capture all of the changes happening in your family while not having drastic changes like you would see if you waited ten years between sessions. You will be able to see everyone together and watch your family grow throughout the years. You will find that this is something you and your children will cherish as you all grow older. 

2. Portrait of The Child or Children

You will always want to get a portrait of your child or children. This is a perfect family portrait idea because it captures your child or children at certain times of their lives, and you will be able to have photographs of them growing up. While this can be a bit heartbreaking for all mums and dads out there, it is something that you will love to look through when you are older, and something that your children will appreciate when they are grown-ups with children of their own. 

3. Portrait of The Parents Together

One of the family portrait ideas that many people forget about is the parents getting portraits taken together. Many times, we get so focused on getting family portraits and photographs of our children that we never once consider getting portraits taken of ourselves. Just like you will cherish the above ideas, you will cherish these photos because they will be something that you will enjoy looking back at when you are older. The portraits could add a bit of humour as you get older with thoughts of, “Did I actually wear that? What was I thinking?” You and your partner will find yourselves laughing and having many times of walking down memory lane together. 

These Family Portrait Ideas Are Perfect For You

These family portrait ideas are perfect for any family to get every two to three years, and will only add up to about five to ten portraits you will want to order. How does that sound? Five to ten portraits to remember your family as they grow throughout the years sounds wonderful! Contact me about getting a family portrait taken, and we can chat about the setting and what all you are expecting from your session! I look forward to capturing your family’s memories.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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