3 Ways to Add Visual Appeal to Your Couple Photography

couple-photosOnce upon a time, there was really only one way to approach to shooting couple photos. The couple posed formally in matching outfits, if not in an actual studio than somewhere completely expected and a little cliché. Every detail was very carefully chosen and planned for.

These days, couple photography is much different. Couples are more interested in photos that tell a bit of a story in regards to who they are. As a result, up to date techniques find couples arranging more casual, candid-feeling shoots that incorporate favourite activities or pastimes into the mix. Everyone wants something fun and unique that they can look back on for years to come and thinking creatively is the way to get it.

If you’ve just become engaged, are planning a photo shoot, and really want to make sure your shots are trendy and modern, consider taking one of these ideas and finding a way to make it your own.

Add a Prop

Props are an easy way to add visual interest and artistic appeal to any photograph and an engagement photo is no exception. Props are also an effective and easy way to add an attractive common thread to a series of photographs for a feeling of cohesion. They’re one of the simplest ways to set your photos apart from anything else out there while keeping their look current as well.

The prop you choose can literally be anything – a red balloon, a statue, or a treasured item that represents something to both of you. Smooth lines, interesting patterns, and bright colours all also provide a starting point when choosing colours and themes.

Try a Night Shot

Although night shots can be tricky to get just right, they’re a great way to add a wonderful mood. Since night scenes feel intimate, mysterious, and surreal in a way many daytime shots don’t, so they’re the perfect way to commemorate a decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

You can also try experimenting with long exposure shots. These can be a fabulous way to add movement and visual appeal. It’s a technique that pairs perfectly with night-time and cityscapes as well, so it’s perfect for couples that call an urban environment home.

Switch Up the Clothing and the Location

Many couples these days are choosing to mix things up in regards to their engagement shoots. Instead of deciding definitively on formal or casual clothing, they start out with formal and bring a more casual change of clothes for switching gears mid-shoot.

The same is being done in regards to location. Try setting up something more traditional for the beginning of the shoot and then changing into jeans to hit the beach or forest later in the day. This will give you a chance to capture more facets of who you are as a couple.

Of course, you can always decide to hire a professional who is experienced with couple photography to help. He or she will have even more terrific ideas on how you can make your shots special.

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