Why You Should Get Family Photographs in Brisbane

Sept07I absolutely love family photographs and wish everyone would get them taken. It is a great time and everyone who gets their portraits taken finds it to be relaxing and just a wonderful time. Many times, I have clients who aren’t entirely sure just where they should get their family photos taken, and I am going to look at a few great locations. Getting family photographs in Brisbane makes for some gorgeous photos that you will be proud to show off and gives you the chance to get some wonderful, unique portraits. Let’s look at a few locations around Brisbane that are perfect for your family photographs.

  1. Brisbane and the Gorgeous Cityscape

A wonderful aspect about Brisbane is its gorgeous cityscape. I love taking family photographs in Brisbane and capturing the city in the background. It looks stunning and creates a wonderful atmosphere for families. We can go to locations to capture the entire city in the background, and we can even go into the city and capture lovely urban photos that are sure to make everyone in your family happy. In fact, this is perfect for teenagers as they tend to be more relaxed when going to older buildings and getting photos that look edgy. 

  1. Jacarandas Make for a Gorgeous Backdrop

Jacarandas are simply stunning, aren’t they? They make for a lovely backdrop, and I’ve taken several photos of families with laneways lined with jacarandas. This can add a gorgeous touch to any photo, and the colour will simply pop from the photos. I have many clients who love their photos that incorporate gorgeous jacarandas and are immensely proud of them. 

  1. The Gold Coast Provides Beautiful Portraits for Families

If you like beach photography, then the Gold Coast is the perfect place. It allows for people to relax and wear their favourite clothing while running around the beach. This is great for young children because they get to play around the whole beach with the ocean in the background. You will find that when getting family photographs in Brisbane, this is a perfectly wonderful idea. 

  1. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs Create Stunning Photos

If you want to capture the whole Brisbane cityscape, or just want to capture some stunning scenery, then the Kangaroo Point Cliffs are a perfect location. I love taking portraits here because this location provides a beautiful setting that all families adore. You can also get gorgeous photos of the river, and we can go down to it for great family portraits. This is perfect if you have a boat you would like to get portraits taken on, or just want to have some family fun down by the river.

If you are looking for great family photographs in Brisbane, then contact me and we can chat. I will help you find the best location for you and your family, and give you excellent tips to make your session incredible. Contact me today!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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