How To Feel Beautiful In Photographs

Feel Beautiful In PhotographsMany people avoid getting portraits taken or will attempt to avoid being involved in family photographs because they do not feel beautiful. It is important to me that my clients feel beautiful in photographs, so I have compiled a few ideas on how to do just this! This list is perfect for both men and women and will help you feel great about getting photographs taken.

1. Wear Loose Fitting Shirts

One of the reasons many people do not like their photographs taken is because they do not like their tummies. Many times people will wear tight fitting shirts because they are used to finding those easily in stores, but when it comes to photographs, it is important to wear shirts that are loose fitting. For men, you should wear button up shirts that are slightly loose on you. This will translate perfectly when it comes to the camera. For women, you can wear those long cotton shirts that are quite trendy currently. If you cannot find those, however, I am able to structure the shoot in such away to still make you feel beautiful in photographs. 

2. Scarves Are Great To Wear

If you do not like your neck, like many mums out there, then I have a great solution: scarves. They are perfect at covering up whatever it is you do not like about your neck, while also adding a great pop of colour to your photographs. In fact, many people quite enjoy having accessories, and a scarf is perfect for that. You can go out shopping to find the perfect one for your photographs or wear one that has been your favourite for a number of years. If scarves are not your thing, I know how to pose you in a flattering way and we also offer a retouching service. 

3. Wear The Right Sleeves

Another area many people do not like about their bodies is their upper arms. As we get older, we might find our arms getting a little softer than before, and many people want to hide that particular aging process. For women, you can find many shirts or cardigans that have three-quarter length sleeves. These are great at hiding your upper arms while also adding a great look for photographs. For men, I suggest the buttonup shirts again, but you can always roll your sleeves up to look like a three-quarter length shirt. 

In Closing, It Is Possible To Feel Beautiful In Photographs

No matter what, it is possible to feel beautiful in photographs. One of the best ways to feel beautiful in photographs is to hire a professional photographer. I use the best equipment out there to ensure you get the best photographs. If, for whatever reason, there is something you do not like in the photograph that I cannot fix with my camera, I am more than willing to send it in for retouching. When we sit down to talk about your upcoming session, do not feel embarrassed or uneasy about telling me which areas of your body you would like to hide. I want to make sure you feel beautiful in every photograph I take of you! Call me today to set up a session and get some gorgeous family portraits you will love.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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