How to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

family-portrait-ideaAlthough there are certainly many people out there that are exceptions to the rule, most of us tend to have a few insecurities to deal with when it comes to having our photographs taken. Naturally, we want to look our best… our most beautiful. However, ageing bodies, extra kilos, and other such flaws can make this feel as if it’s difficult to impossible.

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious about a beer belly or upper arms that aren’t as shapely as you’d like, then you should know that you’re not alone. It’s also important that you understand it’s far from impossible to have portraits taken that will allow you to be happy with how you look in them.

Choose Your Clothing Carefully

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a simple clothing choice can make when it comes to how you look in a photo. That said, you should choose the outfit you wear to have your portrait taken with care. At the end of the day, knowing what to hide (and how to hide it) is more important than knowing what to show.

Most women tend to dislike their bellies, their necks, and the tops of their arms. A smartly chosen top can cure many ills in this department! Try choosing a V-neck shirt to help contour your upper figure and make you look both taller and slimmer. If you don’t like your arms, opt for ¾-length sleeves that help contain the upper arm and make it look shapelier. Scarves do an excellent job of disguising necks that are less than perfect. If you dislike your tummy, choose a top that has a draped, flowing shape, as opposed to being overly fitted.

Many of these tips will work for men as well. For instance, most men dislike their stomachs. If that sounds like you, go for a button-down style, as opposed to a tight-fitting t-shirt that will simply accentuate everything you dislike about the way your belly looks. Longer sleeves can help disguise male arms their owners aren’t happy with as well.

Posture Is Important

Posture is another thing that can really make or break how you look in a picture, no matter what you weigh or how you look. If you feel you’re too heavy or don’t like your upper body, it’s easy to disguise your shape and make yourself look thinner by leaning forward slightly. If you dislike your tummy, consider posing in a way that positions your arms in front of it. You’ll never notice that belly bulge!

Don’t be too bashful to tell your photographer about anything you may be self-conscious about regarding your appearance either. He or she will be able to be mindful when it comes to working around it as far as the shoot goes by making the most of lighting options, professional lenses, and solid direction for poses. In the event that’s not possible, the photo can certainly be retouched later using Photoshop.

That said, don’t let worries about your appearance stop you from scheduling a professional photo shoot. You’ll love the way you look. We promise!

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