Heath Camp Quality Volunteer

Heath Camp Quality Volunteer

Heath, 31 year old civil engineer froHeath Camp Quality Volunteerm Newcastle, started volunteering in 2011 after a friend told him about her experience with Camp Quality and recommended he get involved.

Heath Camp Quality Volunteer
He applied at the ACT group as they needed more male volunteers to help out. (out of the 174 volunteers, only 76 are male) He was hooked after his first camp!
Heath travels to camps all over the place to help out. Townsville, Northern NSW, ACT and Qld. I met him at his 16th camp. He feels the camps help him to keep his own life in perspective “every day is a good day!”
Heath Camp Quality Volunteer



Heath realised that up to 5 kids could attend a camp just because he volunteered.

Thats very special for 5 families.

Some people worry that the kids will be fragile or need special assistance that they can’t provide, but they are no different from any other kids. They just want to have fun and have an adventure for a while and he loves the ability to help make lots of kids happy.

The kids are fantastic and they really needed more male volunteers so he kept coming.


Heath would like to encourage anyone who has ever looked for something new and worthwhile to do, to come along, make loads of new friends and be a special part of helping young kids recover and giggle.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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