How to Hang Wall Art

When you receive your new family portraits the first question is how to hang wall art.

How to hang wall art. It’s both exciting and rewarding.

When you think about how to hang wall art it can be a little daunting.

Receiving a collection of portraits is very exciting but hanging them isn’t something we tend to do every day.

How do you hang them? what rooms are best?

Should you put little clusters together and spread them around the home or should you group them all together on one big wall?

What are the pro’s and con’s of framing a large group of portrait prints into the one frame?

Deciding how to hang wall art

The truth is that there is no right or wrong, but after many years of helping hundreds of families with their portraits, here are some suggestions.

Your family portraits will bring you lots of joy and happiness and deserve to be in the rooms you spend the most time in relaxing and living with your family.

Many families move posters or copy art and older images off prime walls and put up their latest collection in those spaces.

Families also select their favourite image of the family and/or the kids to enlarge as a feature and then scatter the other images around the home.

Step back and gaze :)

If  you have a good eye and a spirit level you can DIY. I regularly use 3M hooks because they don’t damage the walls and are easy to reposition if I don’t get it right.

For larger heavier portraits, or tricky locations (like above stairs) more solid hooks will be required. There are professional art hanging trades people that will look after everything. I found the person I use through a local art dealer/gallery.

I always put my portraits on the floor and arrange them until I am happy with the set up. I then take a snap shot of how I want them to be and use it as a guide as I start hanging.

Classic elegance

When considering how to hang wall art and family portraits classic frames offer durability and versatility.

Classic frames offer great long-term protection for your images. They are also versatile.

If you are considering putting several prints into one large frame, I would recommend you consider individually framing them and hanging them in sets.

That way you achieve the same affect but in 40 years time, if you decide to downsize your home you don’t have one huge piece you need to find a home for.

They can all be easily spread around and enjoyed for many generations.

Keep in mind that your portraits are for life and your home may change over the years and there will be others who will love to inherit them in the future.

Avoiding ‘accidents’

When selecting spots to hang your memories, select protected walls out of the thoroughfares so they cant be knocked off by boisterous traffic (think teenage boys).

Believe it or not over the years I have been called to replace/repair images that have had an accident ;)

Also try to avoid high wind areas and direct sunlight because it will fade even the best professional prints.

In home advice

Because I do in-home image viewing and ordering sessions I can personally share more hanging ideas with you when we get together.

But most of all, be prepared to find yourself smiling at your walls lost in fond memories of the past :)

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favourite room to hang images would be, or share it socially!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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