How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: Getting Kids Excited


In my final instalment for How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography, I am going to look at how to get your kids excited.

Children are absolutely lovely to take adorable snaps of, but sometimes your little angels might not be excited about a professional session.

This can cause a bit more stress for you, but what if there were some ways to get your kids excited, making it a wonderful time for all?

I am going to look at a few, and I would love to chat with you and give you even more specific tips that can work for your adorable family. 

3 Ways to Really Get Your Kids Excited About Professional Family Photography

Do I have some magic word that you can say and wave a wand? Not particularly; but these tips can really help get your children excited about photos. 

  1. Let Them Take Their Own Photos Before the Session

Sometimes getting to know a camera and taking their own photos will help warm kids up to getting photos taken. You can get them little toy digital cameras to play with or if they are older, let them play with your cameras.

Let them take photos of everyone and be sure you take photos of them too, showing them just how fun pictures can be. 

  1. Feed Them Up Beforehand and Let Them Have a Treat

It is always a great idea to feed up your kids before a professional family photography session. I also think it is perfect to give them a little treat beforehand, with their meal.

Maybe their favourite ice cream or fruit; whatever it is they love, let them have a little of it. This will make them so happy before the session.

You can even give them a small treat after the photos to make the whole experience a fun one. 

  1. Bring Your Child’s Favourite Animal

Including animals in your professional family photography is a great idea when it comes to children and photography. If your child has his or her favourite dog running around, they’ll be more likely to laugh and have a great time.

And let me tell you, those cheeky little grins will be well worth bringing along a pet.

This also works very well when you have reluctant teens that you want to get excited about professional family photography.

Get the Best Professional Family Photography and Make Your Children Excited!

When you get your kids excited about family photos, the images will be absolutely incredible. Everyone will be relaxed and simply having a great time.

If you’d like to set up a session or learn a few more tips when it comes to getting your kids excited, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to chat to you about your session and make it the best ever.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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