How To Protect Your Portraits for 100 Years


Family History Through Portraits

mum-mother-portraitI was chatting with a father recently after we had taken some portraits for their family. He was telling me all about the history of his family through the generations. After he and his partner had selected the images from their recent session, he pulled out the most beautiful old book that looked like an antique bible. It was just gorgeous! Inside were hundreds of photographic prints dating back over a hundred years of their family’s history. It was absolutely remarkable! They were English and it dated back to when his family lived in the Jersey Isles. The pride he had for their family’s history really struck me, it was very beautiful.

Together we discussed how the portraits that we had taken would also become part of this collection of treasured family images. But the really exciting thing that he had done was he had all those photographs professionally scanned and he’d compiled them into a book with little stories all the way through it. What a gorgeous project! This is something that all the members of his family will treasure well into the future.

How to Protect Your Portraits for 100 Years

Do you have photographs of your ancestors that need to be protected and looked after? You can have them scanned professionally and edited. If there are any cracks or tears on them or photographs that are fading, they can be repaired so that you do not lose that beautiful history of your family and your ancestors.

One way to protect these images is not to touch them with your bare hands. Make sure that there is no grease on your hands when you are touching them. The portraits should be professionally framed so there is a matt board on the outside with an acid-free tape and glass and the back is all sealed so that the naughty geckos cannot get into the frame. Hang the frame where there is no direct sunlight to reduce the chance of fading as much as possible.

When you preserve your photographs, you preserve memories and family history. How to protect your portraits for 100 years.

Kiss Photography Studio Can Help You Preserve Your Photographs

If you have some portraits that you need to be protected, scanned or framed, give me a call and I can give you some more specific pointers on your particular project. The framer I recommend is Bizarre Framing on Newmarket Rd in Windsor.

Once you protect and preserve the portraits of your ancestors and the recent portraits, you can be sure that they will last for a 100 years to be enjoyed by your children and your children’s children.

Catch up with you soon!

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