Keep Your Family Photos Perfectly Safe With Conservation Framing

family portraitsKeeping your family photos safe is absolutely important, isn’t it? You try all you can to make sure they stay safe, but what should you do exactly?

You might think it wise to keep them as digital files, but I’ve already looked at how dangerous that can be. So, what do you do when you print them out? Frame them, of course!

There are many ways to frame a photo, but I want to look at one of the best techniques that will help keep your photos safe for years – conservation framing.

What is this and how can you use it for your photos? Let’s take a look! 

What is Conservation Framing?

Conservation framing is the same technique that museums use when it comes to protecting prized portraits and artwork. It helps keep the images in tip-top shape and protects the image integrity for quite a while.

However, it isn’t only for priceless works of art that you’d see in the Louvre – it is also great for family photos. You have sentimental attachment to those photos and for good reason! Meaning you should always make sure you protect them as best as possible. 

How Can This Technique Help Photographs?

When you use conservation framing for your photos, you can protect them from many harsh irritants and elements. Things such as light, humidity, dirt, dust, and even pesky creatures can get to your photos, which will degrade them quickly.

Having great framing will save your photos and help make them last a long time. This is perfect when you want to display your photographs in your home – you want everyone to see them, but sometimes that puts the images in a place that isn’t good for it.

Once you get your photos framed through conservation framing, you won’t need to worry about how long your photos will last. They will be perfectly safe and maintain the gorgeous colours you see when you first get them printed. 

What Makes it Different from Regular Framing?

Conservation framing focuses on making sure nothing whatsoever can get into the frame and degrade the image.

When you do regular framing, you always run the risk of the frame not being done well enough or something going wrong. However, with conservation framing, everything will be snug and perfect.

The elements of this technique include the exact frame your photo needs (not all frames work for all photos), the right type of glass, matting, backing, and something known as “hinging the art.”

All of these elements help to create a great, safe place for your prized family photographs. 

Frame and Protect Your Gorgeous Family Photos!

After your family photo session, getting your images printed is a great way to keep them around forever. We can talk about framing, especially conservation framing, to help you get the best protection for your photos.

Simply call me, and we can have a chat about what you want in your photos and I can give you all the details about framing and how it will be perfect for you.

Call, today!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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