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I’m  really excited to announce the new Kiss Photography YouTube Channel at

It features a video of a family portrait shoot I did recently. We had lots of fun that afternoon.

It was on the beach at Miami on the Gold Coast and it was beautiful.

The children have a great time running around on the beach.

Once on the beach I find that Mum’s and Dad’s relax pretty quickly also.

I’m not sure if it’s a delightful sound of the surf that relaxes them or whether it’s the feeling of sand under their feet, or both!

With joyous children and relaxed adults this is when the magic starts to happen.

We just take our time, and with some very casual direction great images start taking shape.

The Kiss Photography YouTube Channel video’s are all High Definition.

If you have fast broadband be sure to switch to the 720HD setting that becomes available when you hit ‘play’.

On the the channel there are also a series of slideshows featuring family portraits. I love seeing them all set in motion to music!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think !


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