Taking Spectacular Lifestyle Portraits for Brisbane Couples – Preserving Memories

Lifestyle portraits for Brisbane couplesAt their best, photographs are so much more than simple captured images. They’re also memories that you can take in visually and share with others. Professional photography in particular should take things one step further by capturing not only memories, but also bits and pieces of who the subjects really are. Portraits like these are known in the industry as lifestyle portraits.

When a couple has children, it’s relatively easy to decide how to capture what their life together is about. It’s only natural for it to be about their children and the life they all share together… but what about single couples, couples that don’t have children, or families that are about something more? I really love the opportunity to capture spectacular lifestyle portraits for Brisbane couples.

Capturing Passion on Film

Just like every family has a story about who they are, so does every couple. The trick to capturing that special sparkle on film is to hone in on what brings that couple together. Very often, that thing will be a shared hobby or interest. I find that cars, motorbikes, and other interests that are easily represented on film are great options. However, the theme of a photo shoot can certainly vary according to the individuals involved. A good photographer will be open to letting their instincts guide them.

Using Vehicles in Photo Shoots

I personally find that vehicles really do make terrific centerpieces for any couple shoot. For instance, take a couple I had the pleasure of working with a while back that not only loved Mercedes cars, but also the quiet beauty of jacaranda trees.

We knew from the get-go that combining these two interests would be a wonderful way to capture who they were as a unit, so we waited patiently for jacaranda season to arrive. At that point, we took their individual Mercedes Benz cars out to some positively gorgeous locations studded with jacarandas and started setting up our shots. One of the most priceless of these was a big panorama shot of both of them leaning on their cars on a side street lined with jacarandas. The result was pure magic – like something that belonged in a Mercedes commercial — which they were no doubt very happy with.

Making Locations Count

Homes and physical locations also make terrific superstars when it comes to really making photo shoots count. This is a perfect solution when you’re talking about not only couples, but families that have just finished building their dream homes or who otherwise have a property at the center of their current lives.

I had the unique delight of doing a shoot like this not too long ago. The family was from Brookfield and lived their lives around a lovely family farm that had been with their people for generations and featured a dam at the front. We did the shoot itself with the whole scene on the hill in the background. We even managed to capture the kids as they ran and played. It was perfection on film and the family was certainly very happy.

When you set up your shoots this way – around activities and places that mean something to people – you set the stage for something amazing. I look forward to helping you and your loved ones find your own little piece of that.

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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