Lifestyle Portraits: Taking Photographs on Your Boat

Sept26This might surprise you, but boats are absolutely perfect for incredible lifestyle portraits for you and your family. Boats make gorgeous scene setters and can make wonderful backdrops, as well. Your family and I can take an adventure all around the area finding locations that are amazingly unique for your family portraits, and you can simply have a grand time laughing and relaxing. Bring those fishing poles and beer (if you like it), and we can have a great time taking photographs on your boat!

Clients Have Had Excellent Portraits on Boats

You might be wondering if taking photographs on your boat is something that is possible or that will look wonderful; it is very much possible! One of the best things about taking photographs on your boat is that the location possibilities are endless. I’ve joined clients as they have gone down the Brisbane River to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and taking gorgeous photographs beneath the Story Bridge or along to Yeronga. These photographs are absolutely stunning, and it makes for such a fun adventure for clients, and even myself! I’ve had a client who owned a boat that they used for their family reunion portraits and another client who had a houseboat that they took around to the estuaries of the Gold Coast. We sailed to different islands and took some simply gorgeous photographs that they now have hanging in their home in the city. These photographs are a source of pride and joy for my clients, and are memories they will have forever. 

Taking Photographs on Your Boat Is a Wonderful Time to Be Relaxed

Taking photographs on your boat gives you and your family the excellent chance to be relaxed and enjoy your time by wearing your favourite comfortable clothes, sitting back on your boat and chatting with each other, as well as visiting your favourite locations. As with one of my clients mentioned above, you can turn these lifestyle portraits into a perfect family reunion portrait opportunity by having your whole family join us. This particular client happened to be great-grandparents; they brought their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren and captured a gorgeous, historic event that everyone enjoyed. It sure was a great chance for the family to enjoy spending time with each other, make memories, and just laugh and laugh throughout the day. 

Until Next Time

If you have a gorgeous boat that you would love to get portraits on or with, then contact me. We can chat about the various locations you would like to visit on your boat, as well as the different shots you would like to have. I will sail on your boat with you, but I can hop ashore to take photographs of you on your boat, or you can join me, and I will take photographs with the boat in the background. Any ideas you have, let me know, and I will make this moment a magical one for you and your family.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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