Making Photo History

When I visit a family’s home to show them their portraits I realise that we are making photo history.

Walking down the hallway in a lovely home recently..

I passed a collection of beautifully framed historic images.

In these portraits were the mum and Dad of the family when they were children.

The mum’s parents and beautiful images of their Italian heritage.

And his (Dad’s) family portraits, his grandparents and his parents, them when they were children, his cousins etc.

It was just beautiful, it was like walking down memory lane..

Some of the photographs were 70+ years old.

I said to the Dad “this is just amazing, the images we are about to look at are making photo history, just like the images featured in your hallway”.

“One day  this collection of images will be proudly displayed in the hallway of  your future grandchildren’s homes!”

A few years ago I photographed a lovely lady who was turning 100 years of age.

The portrait sitting was going to be of 4 generations – her daughters, their adult kids and her great grandchildren!

I visited them in Sherwood at the house the lady’s father had built!

It was beautiful and very memorable.

Making Photo history for Grandma

She was such a lovely lady, she was vital and cheeky with a terrific sense of humour.

We took a lovely portrait of her on her verandah surrounded by all the things she loved – in the house she had lived in all her life.

We also captured a photograph of the 4 generations and all their hands, ranging from 100 years to 1 year old.

Not long after I photographed her she received a letter from the Queen..

congratulating her on her 100th birthday, very exciting!

I learn so much about the families I photograph when I’m visiting and showing them their portraits.

Often they pull out their old family images and we take a journey back in time, it’s fascinating, there’s always such a rich tapestry of stories.

Margherita Gregory's precious family photo

Margherita’s Mum, 19 Years old in Rome.

Where will we start making photo history for you?

Do you have a favorite location or story that you want to weave into your family images?

I’m sure you have got a fascinating family story to share!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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