Megan Camp Quality Volunteer

Megan Camp Quality Volunteer

Megan (Center)

Megan Camp Quality volunteer and 27 year old pediatric nurse started volunteering 7 years ago after moving to Brisbane.

The Joy of  Volunteering

She was wanting to do something special and meet new people. She helps out at at least 2 camps a year and enjoys hanging out with the kids and has made many close friends amongst the other volunteers.

Megan says that the group become so close its more like they are family, than friends.”Many different and diverse people are volunteer at Camp Quality and its fun getting to know people and seeing them again at other camps”.

She acts as an encourager, a supporter and a positive distraction for the kids whilst they are at camp.

Helping the Kids

Megan says she feels as though she gets more back from the experience than she gives! The families of the kids attending are so grateful and thank her for the break from normal life and the fun their kids experience. She loves to see the kids leaving the camps more confident and relaxed than they arrived.

I really enjoyed meeting and spending the day with Megan and all of the other volunteers, volunteering is such a rewarding experience for all evolved especially when its for a brilliant cause like Camp Quality.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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