More Unique Portrait Framing Projects

When you have a family portrait project make sure to consider unique portraits framing.An old window frame worked perfectly for this family

Over the years creating family portraits for families around Brisbane I have come across lots of exciting framing ideas that really set the images off and make great decor for the home.

Another memorable project utilized old windows! This family had old style windows that they’d taken out of an old house that they had renovated years ago. It was old square window that had stained glass sections, so it had like 1,2,3,4,5… 5 different frames within the window frame itself. The father of the family took the glass out and sanded them all down and varnished them. When we took their family portraits we made sure to take the images that would suit this unique frame.

The family portraits need to be taken so that they match the frame

If you have an idea like this, you need to let me know before we take the portraits so I can make sure the shape will be right for the application. So if you had a tall skinny area that you need to be filled, we’ll make sure that some of the images are tall and skinny so that we’ve got the space to fit into that area.

This particular family wanted a panorama so I took a panorama of the whole family to go into the middle section; and then the three kids on one section; mum and dad on another, mum with the kids and dad with the kids on each of the other sections. For finishing we had them laminated on the front so that they didn’t need glass and they could be pushed into the back of the frame. Then this gorgeous window frame was placed up the wall with trees in the background. The setting for this first portrait was massive old trees and brown colours. The clothing was all alike, mainly browns and neutrals.

Unique Portrait framing can be done as a project series for all your family photographsUnique Portrait Framing Idea with a different setting

After a couple years they had another window project in mind. They’ve got a few more of these windows and they wanted it done again so this time we went down to the beach and we got beautiful portraits on the Gold Coast – the whole family looking out, the kids running down sand dunes, close-ups on the grass of the kids and the family. They then selected their five favourites. Again, we had a panorama in the middle of these window frames and then the four other photographs to fit into the other sections. They look absolutely stunning!

Make it happen!

So if you have a project or a big idea that you would like to make happen-  just let me know! It is really fun, they’re unique and always become a fun talking point. Your portraits matched with a unique frame will look brilliant!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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