5 Reasons to Choose an Outdoor Photo Shoot Location Instead of the Studio

outdoor photo shoot

Studios have numerous benefits for portrait sessions, including full light and climate control. However, since you have the option to book an outdoor session, have you ever considered that it might be preferable? From the variety of backgrounds to the natural joy that comes from being outside, here are five reasons to consider booking a non-studio session:

  1. Takes Advantage of the Season

Although the summer season is winding down, there is still plenty of time to book an outdoor session at a park, on the beach, or in another scenic setting. Thanks to our typically mild winters, I do regularly shoot outdoor shoots during cooler weather. Still, planning a session during the summer or early autumn months means not having to worry about dressing in warmer layers. Plus, if you have little ones, they are also more likely to enjoy being outside if the temperature is milder. Ideas for comfortable clothing that still looks great includes sundresses, light button-downs, and solid-coloured t-shirts with jeans.

  1. Stunning Scenery

I schedule portrait sessions in all sorts of locations, making sure that couples and families have a striking background for their images. Although the background is not meant to be the main attraction, of course, there is no shame in showing off your stunning surroundings! If the only pictures of you and your family are at holiday celebrations or other casual events, it is high time for an upgrade. A few wide, scenic shots mixed in with your posed portraits and casual lifestyle images will make quite the frame-worthy, share-worthy collection.

  1. Increases Variety of Shots

outdoor photo shootHave you ever looking through a friend’s personal or online photo album, only to find that most of their shots were taken in the same location? Outdoor photo shoot locations provide endless options for alternate shots and backgrounds, increasing both visual interest and versatility. We can take a group shot in front of a huge tree, turn around and capture your children walking through a field, or zoom in and capture smiling faces against a cloudy blue sky. Some additional ideas include posing in front of:

  • A bridge, gazebo, or other structure
  • An open field with green trees in the distance
  • Your new home
  • A beach or the sand dunes
  • Big tree trunks or a small forest of bamboo
  • Large boulders, rock formations, or old buildings or other structures

Fences, lampposts, and park benches are also possible ready-to-go props that can keep your images fun and varied.

  1. Makes For a Fun Excursion

Consider taking the day off and making your portrait session a fun family event. Packing a picnic, bringing games, and wearing comfortable clothes helps everyone feel more happy and relaxed. If you have any shy children, the chances are that they will be more excited about going out to play on the beach or on a playground than sitting inside of a foreign studio.

I also photograph pets, including dogs and horses. We can plan a shoot at the stable for a variety of memorable shots. Alternatively, talk to me ahead of time about bringing along your family dog, which, with a bit of planning, can be included in both posed and candid images. The result of a morning or late afternoon spent together is a bunch of natural, genuine smiles and laughs that will make your photos worth keeping and sharing.

  1. Outdoor Photo Shoots Can Help You Relax and Let Go

Booking a non-studio session may require a bit of letting go and managing some wind-blown hair, but it is completely worth it to capture beautiful images you won’t get elsewhere. Indoor shoots can make people feel stiff or formal, but outdoor shoots help everyone focus on capturing personalities, smiles, and relationship bonds in the moment. Picture a casual, very natural setting, with you in comfortable clothes and wearing simple makeup. When your family is comfortable and at ease, it is even easier for me to capture a mix of both posed portraits and candid lifestyle images.

Ready to book an outdoor photo session?

If you choose to book an outdoor photo shoot session, I will help you find a time and location with minimal car and pedestrian traffic. Taking photos outside requires some advanced planning and day-of flexibility, but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the resulting shots! I have years of experience photographing couples, engagements, maternity, children, and families. Contact me today for more information about possible locations or dates.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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