8 Traits of a Great Outdoor Photo Shoot Location, Part 2 of 2

outdoor photo shootPart one of this post introduced a few things to think about while looking for an outdoor photo shoot location, including natural lighting and safety considerations. To round things off, here are four more traits to look for while choosing the perfect location for your next family portrait session:

  1. Limits Noise and Pedestrian Traffic

Even the most out-going and boldest among us may get a little camera-shy, especially if there are numerous pedestrians about. Visit your potential location at different times of the day to determine the amount of traffic it receives. There are plenty of remote, quiet locations tucked even just a few hundred yards away from busier thoroughfares. Limiting the amount of traffic noise and attention from curious on-lookers will help you feel you comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot.

  1. Has Different Backgrounds

Surprise! This tip is actually three-fold:

  • Nothing overpowering: The best family portraits show off personalities and personal connections, not your location. Choose scenery that is attractive and warm without any distractions such as wayward lamp poles or overly bright colours.
  • photo-background-tipDifferent backgrounds: Although the background will not be the central focus of your portraits, having different settings will add some variety. If you are considering a park, for example, try to picture at least five different places your family could relax or pose. Ideas include on a trail, in front of a large tree, around a picnic table, or on a bridge.
  • Trust the photographer: Do you feel that your location is too bland? Think again! As long as the setting is clean and well-lit, I will keep moving around to get a great shot no matter the location. Tricks I often use include adjusting the framing, angles, and apertures as well as playing with depths of field and wide and tight shots.
  1. Allows You to Set Up Near Shelter

Unexpected weather can produce stunning skies, but it can also make an outdoor photo shoot more difficult. I will gladly reschedule shoots if inclement weather begins the day of, but occasionally things come up in the middle of a session and the clients agreed to continue. The resulting shots were stunning, but it might be a good idea to set up near some type of shelter in case of heavier rain or colder temperatures. Types of shelter could include an outdoor structure such as an awning, or even an indoor one like a café (with the owner’s permission to continue shooting, of course!).

  1. Makes for a Fun Family Outing

The best way to avoid getting stressed while preparing for a family portrait session is to focus on having fun. Plan a late afternoon family outing, complete with the family dog and a few outdoor toys, and let me worry about getting the shots. I will, of course, help with posing any portrait shots, but in the meantime I love working a bit “behind the scenes,” capturing the special moments between you and your family. With this in mind, try to pick a location that lets your kids be kids, from running on the beach to climbing trees.

Ready to book your family portrait session? Contact me for help choosing a location or to learn more about my photography services. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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