The Best Portrait Framing Projects for Your Family Photographs

black-white-family-portraitI often tell my clients that one of the best ways to ensure their photos are safe is to get them all framed. There are so many incredible and unique ideas out there that are perfect for family photographs. I am going to share a few of my favourite ideas that I’ve come across when working with other amazing clients. Let’s take a look at some beautiful ideas for portrait framing projects that I think are absolutely stunning.

3 Portrait Framing Project Ideas

You can use these ideas as great inspiration for your portrait framing projects, creating unique, stunning frames for your family portraits. 

  1. Gorgeous Antique Frames for Your Family Photographs

One of my clients had a great family photo session that incorporated the majority of their family. It was a wonderful family reunion and made for some stunning photographs. Before the session, they found some gorgeous antique frames in an antique shop that they wanted to use to frame their photos. We decided to do a photo session that had a vintage, antique flair to it, making the portraits look like older photographs. This was a fun time for everyone, and it created something absolutely gorgeous when added to the antique frames. What a great, fun idea! You too can find great old frames when you go antique shopping. The great thing is, antiques are always so unique, no matter what. 

  1. Portrait Framing Projects: Use Old Windows

Another gorgeous idea one of my clients had was using old windows, some that even had stain glass still in them. This was such a great idea and was perfect for up-cycling materials. They had many different photos that they put into these windows, and it created a gorgeous, unique portrait framing project. You can do this with any windows you may have and you can even go to shops to find old windows that you can use if you’d like something similar. 

  1. Work with Kids to Create Beautiful Unique Frames for Their Portraits

When doing portrait framing projects, one great idea is to have your kids decorate frames to make them truly one-of-a-kind. You can buy frames that are the size you want, and pick up craft supplies and have your kids decorate the frames however they want. This will create a picture frame that will be perfect to have your family portrait in or even just portraits of your children. You will love the frames because they will have such a great memory attached, and your kids will feel proud when they see their creation up on the walls of the house. 

Frame Your Photos to Keep Them Lasting the Ages!

Once you have chosen various portrait framing projects, then contact me! We can work to create photos that will fit perfectly with those frames, and I can give you suggestions on which framer to use. They will be sent off and come back to you look gorgeous and ready to be hung up on your walls. This will not only make your family photographs look great, but will also keep them safe for many years.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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