Couples Portraits for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

 Kiss Photography Valentine Package

Valentine’s Day is merely a few days away, but it is not too late to give the gift of a photo session! Book a late afternoon session with your sweetie and let me capture a few photos as you spend time hanging out and enjoying one another’s company. The resulting images will be vibrant, full of smiles, and professionally set-up, snapped, and edited. Let me help you give you a gift that will be cherished for years to come: the photos from the session itself, as well as the time you spent together taking them.

Not Just for Big Families

Does booking a session feel too extravagant or formal, or do you feel like only people with children book them? In reality, couples portraits are extremely popular for individuals of every age. Although I love family photo sessions and newborn photography, not everyone has children. Even for those of us with children, there are countless reasons to book both a photo shoot and a babysitter at the same time. You could:

  • Announce an engagement
  • Commemorate a new house or another big purchase
  • Celebrate an anniversary or milestone
  • Show off your beautiful surroundings, whether on the beach or in a local park
  • Revel in your shared interest or hobby

Otherwise, consider booking a “Just Because” session to capture some stunning images of the two of you. Do not let the only photos posted of you to be taken in poor lighting, in a crowded space, or by your three-year-old niece! As a bonus, it is very easy to create a stunning desk display with a framed professional photo or two. Carrying a photo in your wallet or placing a framed photo on your desk at work are two of the best ways to keep your loved ones on your mind throughout the day.

If you do have children, however, gifting a session to your significant other is still a good idea! We can coordinate the shoot to ensure there are plenty of images of the entire family, the kids alone, and you and your loved one alone.

Upgrade from Old Directory Photos

Do any of the following photo-related statements apply to you? “The most recent photo of the two of us is”:

  • From our wedding
  • A casual selfie
  • From the two-year-old church directory
  • A quick photo snapped at a birthday party or holiday event
  • Sweet, but not display-worthy

Why book a professional shoot? I utilize lighting, composition, angles, background, and more to ensure that your images are artistically shot and of the highest quality. Your shots can be as formal or informal as you would like them, from taking a new formal photo to celebrate your big anniversary to nestling in one another’s arms on the beach.

Lifestyle Shots

Do you and your significant other ride horses, surf, collect automobiles, or share other hobbies? Lifestyle photos combine the people in the shot with anything that is meaningful to them. Talk to me about including your family pet, motorbike, art studio, or new home. I will take a mix of posed and candid photos, capturing all the moments besides just smiling at the camera. Your images should tell a story about who you are individually and as a couple.

For example, an engagement announcement photo session could include images of the couple smiling at the camera, a close-up of the bride-to-be’s ring, a shot of their silhouette or shadows, or the groom-to-be looking admiringly at the bride-to-be as she walks to a new location point. Pregnancy announcements or late-term sessions can also include a mix of shots to celebrate everything that bonds the two of you as a couple. Alternatively, consider booking a “just because” session and including a meaningful prop such as an old love letter, first date souvenir, or stack of books.

Make a Romantic Gesture

Picture this: strolling on the beach at sunset, hand-in-hand, knowing that someone is there to capture on film your most candid, sincere, tender moments. From formal portraits to casual lifestyle shots, couples portraits are ideal for celebrating big announcements, shared interests, and loving glances.

This Valentine’s Day, consider giving your significant other a beautiful photo frame with a homemade certificate for a professional photo shoot. Can you imagine being the one on the receiving end of such a romantic gesture? Show your loved one that you care about them and want to celebrate your unique bond and connection. Contact me today to book a session, and feel free to ask for more information about locations, props, and time frames.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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