Why Should You Get Winter Portraits?

family portraitThe winter months have just come to a close, but they’re still great for portraits. I’m going to touch on what I like about them. Here in Queensland, winter can either last a few months or just one or two weeks, but we find it an immense relief from the heat, as well as the perfect chance for photographs. I love taking winter portraits. I am going to give a few reasons why waiting for Spring or Summer portraits isn’t always necessary.

1. You Will Not Have To Rush At Christmas time

I know that many of my clients want to get family portraits for Christmas to give out to friends and family members. Many times, you might find yourself in a rush to get portraits taken because you will be busy, and suddenly November shows up giving you only a few weeks to get portraits taken, printed, framed, and wrapped. Winter portraits allow you to take great Christmas portraits where you are not sweating or uncomfortable, while also giving you the ability to get the portraits all finished in time to give as Christmas presents. 

2. The Parks Will Be Empty

One of the great things about winter portraits is that you can go to any park, and we can take photographs in any location because the parks will be empty. Hardly anyone goes to parks in the winter months, which gives you the ability to simply drive up to a location, get out, take photographs, and drive to another area. No need for prams either, because of being able to drive straight to your chosen location. I have been able to take some stunning shots of families while at empty parks. I once found a gorgeous fig tree for a family to take a photograph in; the tree had a split down the middle that was perfect for lighting, as well as keeping them out of the chilly wind. It turned out to be a magical portrait. 

3. You Will Have A More Open Schedule

Winter can be busy, but nowhere near as busy as spring and summer. You might find that you have more weekends that are open right now, whereas once spring hits, you will have five things popup suddenly. This makes it difficult to get your portraits taken and is the main reason you will find yourself pushing them off until November. When you realise you have a free weekend or two coming up, it is time to schedule winter portraits! 

In Closing, Winter Portraits Are Perfect..

If you want to get your portraits taken in the winter months, contact me and we can figure out some excellent spots for the photographs. You will feel really relieved that you can get your portraits taken before the busy spring and summer hit. Winter portraits have their own touch of beauty and magic that is different to spring or summer. I promise, you will love how these portraits turn out. It’s always a good idea to book in the first free moment you have, no matter what season, as life has a habit of filling up any gaps. Before you know it 10 years have passed !!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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