Guidelines for Choosing Newborn Photography Props

newborn portraits

Infant portraits sessions typically occur in the first few months of birth, when the baby will sweetly sleep no matter his or her surroundings, outfit, or pose. Although there are many different toys, blankets, and other objects that you could include in the shoot, it is better to start simply. After all, you want all of the focus to be on your infant and not anything else. Here are some great tips for choosing newborn photography props.

Clothing: Think Muted Tones

Although I love photographing older babies and toddlers outdoors, we can schedule infant photo sessions indoors if you prefer. Doing so allows us to create a cosy, quiet, and temperature-controlled environment to take photos, especially if you want some unclothed shots of your baby curled up. However lovely old tree roots look gorgeous with new babies so I’m happy to meet you outdoors as well.

Choose clothing for your baby that will be comfortable, and try not to plan a huge amount of outfit changes. If possible, keep baby wipes on hand and remember that clothes are washable in case of an accident!

When picking an outfit, strive for muted tones rather than very loud and bright colours. Although reds, yellows, oranges, and bright blues are fun and joyful, they can also be distracting in a photograph. The same goes for busy patterns, which may not photograph well.

Blankets: The Base of Your Background

Follow the same guidelines for clothing, but also try to avoid choosing blankets with commercial characters or printed text. The exception is a monogrammed or personalised blanket, which we can put on display for a few shots. Since the blanket is part of your background, think about how your baby’s clothes and skin tone will appear against it. You may want to have a few pillows handy, or even a basket.

Toys and Mementos: Be Selective to Avoid Busy Shots

I love creating simple scenes, which is why we will not need lots of toys or other items around. Still, there are many different ways to include other objects in a photo shoot. For example, we could pose your little one snuggling up to an oversized teddy bear, or have him or her hold a smaller stuffed animal or toy. This is also a great time to include a gift from the grandparents or another family member.

newborn photographyInvolving Others: How to Make Sure You Are Prepared for a Session

Although solo shots of the baby are a necessity, you are welcome to join in the shoot as well. There are many ways that you, your partner, or your other children can be involved. Ideas include:

  • Cradling the baby
  • Parent/s and baby
  • Resting the baby on your stomach or arms
  • Holding hands
  • Letting the family pet lay down nearby
  • Photographing your children holding their new sibling
  • Photographing your children as they peer down at the baby in your arms

In addition to these basic shots, there are countless angles and close-ups I can explore to highlight your family’s bond and connection.

Again, focus on words like simple, natural, and understated. If you want some close-up shots, then consider getting a manicure but skipping the polish or wearing a neutral tone. Simple jewellery can be a nice touch, but remember that all eyes should be on the baby.

How Many Newborn Photography Props Do You Need?

Although most babies do well during a photo shoot, there is no need to drag it on all morning or afternoon. You may be surprised by the vast variety of images I can capture in under an hour. Choose a few items that you might want to include so that we have options, but let me know which ones are prioritised. For example, we could photograph the baby in a parent’s military or work uniform, or wearing part of a seasonal costume. Or, if Grandma knitted a special outfit and you want to send her pictures, photographing that could be a priority.

Contact me today about booking a professional newborn photo session, as these are the most precious moments that you will absolutely want to remember forever.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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