How to Coordinate Outfits: 3 Ideas for a Family Portrait Photo Shoot

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Scheduling a family photo shoot is a fantastic way to capture both portraits and more casual lifestyle images. However, not coordinating your outfits ahead of time could spell disaster for the pictures, with bright colours or patterns overwhelming your family’s smiles. Although certain clothing choices can add personality, remember that group pictures are all about capturing the bond between family members. Here are three possible outfit ideas that will help keep the focus on your family during your photo session:

  1. Black or White Shirt and Blue Jeans

One of the easiest ways to let your family shine in a photo shoot is by dressing them in casually coordinated outfits comprised of the basics. Choosing black or white shirts with blue jeans can help everyone feel more comfortable in front of the camera, especially for outdoor shoots around trees or on the beach. Black pants or skirts are an option, too.

Black shirts look polished and professional, which can help give every photo a pulled-together look. This colour is also extremely flattering. White shirts look crisp and clean, and can help brighten everyone’s faces on the shoot. For either colour, using a mix of T-shirts and polo shirts or button downs can help keep things from looking overly staged.

  1. Begin with Basics and Add a Pop of Colour

photography adviceAs great as photos with everyone in basic black or white appear, you can easily mix in an accent colour to add visual interest and further tie the images together. A small splash of colour can also add personality or even help tie into your location or the current season. The key is to avoid over-using the accent, which means that not everyone in the group needs to wear anything beyond the basics.

  1. Work Within in a More Extended Colour Palette

Although wearing all black or white shirts can help create a cohesive look, perhaps you want to include a bit more colour and variety. This approach requires a discerning eye, but you can always ask your photographer for input. Ideas for including more colours without appearing mismatched include:

  • With a base colour such as white, choose outfits in a few shades of another colour. For example, have one person in a dark blue shirt, another in a lighter blue dress, and another in a white shirt with a blue jacket.
  • Choose
  • Go a bit simpler by using a stricter combination of shades such as black, white, and grey or black and light grey with blue jeans and red as an accent colour. Some outfits may have elements of each or a combination of only two.

Keep in mind that certain colours and most patterns do not photograph well and should be avoided when coordinating outfits. If you have any questions, please contact me for help with everything from choosing a location to narrowing down your wardrobe choices. I look forward to capturing portraits of your beautiful family moments!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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