Keeping Your Portraits Safe: Protecting Photographs

finished productI was chatting to a father after we took some portraits, and he was telling me the history of his family. While we were talking, he pulled out the most beautiful old photographs of his family. They were simply stunning. I really enjoy old photographs and seeing a family’s history preserved on film. Old family portraits are something I believe everyone enjoys as well, but you might not be thinking about keeping your photographs around for a hundred or so years. I think protecting your photographs is absolutely important for your family, and I am going to look at three ways you can do this with your own!

1. Keep Your Photographs in an Area with Low Temperatures and Humidity

If it is possible, you should keep your portraits in an area with lower temperatures and humidity. A great place for this would be a room that doesn’t have windows facing the rising or setting sun and if you can keep it temperature controlled. You can also add handy dehumidifiers to the room, which I think is a great idea to help keep your portraits safe. This will help keep your photographs around for a very long time, which means 60, 70, even 100 years later, your family members can show a photographer like myself your photographs, creating a great opportunity for everyone. What an incredible piece of history to have! 

 2. Protecting Photographs By Framing Them or Putting Them in Photo Books

I love helping my clients find and select the best frames for their portraits. Frames are gorgeous and are very important when protecting photographs. The reason I like to help my clients pick out a frame and framer is that this will ensure the frame is absolutely right for the family while also protecting the images. A store-bought one might not do the trick! You should also consider getting lovely photo books of your portraits. This is an excellent way for protecting photographs and allows your friends and other family members to flip through your pictures and see your family’s story unfold. 

 3. Store Photographs in Photo Boxes, Not Cardboard

If you are not framing all of your photographs or are moving older ones out of frames, then you must always make sure you put them in a great box for it. Many people think that simply storing their photographs in a cardboard box is enough, and I believe the best way is to choose a photo box lined and crafted expertly for protecting photographs. I can help you find the best boxes for your portraits and ensure everything stays safe for decades!This can even help keep your other, 100-year-old family portraits safe for many more years.

Protecting photographs is something I cherish quite a bit! I would love to take your family portraits and also give you tips and tricks on proper storage and care of these images. Contact me today, and we can chat about your session, any old photographs you have of your family, and how to keep everything safe. I would love to chat and get to know you and your history!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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