How to Prepare for Your First Family Photo Shoot

family photo shoot

Are you considering scheduling a family photo shoot, or have you already booked your session? Although my favourite tip is to simply smile, have fun, and enjoy the day, there are several more concrete things to think about as you prepare for the session.

Choose a Time to Meet

If you have not already booked your session, make sure to book it at a time that is convenient for your little ones. The morning and early evening are prime times for taking photos, but in summer the sunset may come after your child’s bedtime. If you do book an afternoon session, try to take off work at least a couple of hours beforehand so you have time to relax and prepare. I would much rather capture images of you feeling happy and relaxed than tired or stressed!

Lay Out Everyone’s Outfit

The big decision when it comes to choosing clothes for a photography session is whether to wear matching or coordinated clothes. Feel free to dress your little ones in matching outfits, or have the whole family dress in simple basics such as a black shirt with jeans. Otherwise, experiment with coordinating outfits within a chosen colour palette. Make sure your clothing fits the location and that you will be comfortable throughout the session.

Visit the Location Ahead of Time 

You can choose a location for a photography session on your own or in conjunction with your photographer. I have plenty of recommendations that are perfect for capturing a mix of formal portraits and more casual lifestyle shots. Unless you are booking a newborn photography session in your home, consider the benefits of a stunning outdoor location such as a park or the beach. Once you have chosen a location, take your kids there ahead of time. Let them run around and explore beforehand, so that coming back later will feel familiar and fun.

Tips for the Week Before

There are many small pointers that add up to great advice in the week before being photographed. Some of my top quick tips include:

  • Soothe chapped lips
  • Brush teeth regularly to help polish up your pearly whites
  • Stay hydrated so skin looks fresh
  • Have hair trimmed several days in advance
  • Try out new hairspray or clips ahead of time
  • Make sure everyone gets plenty of rest
  • Pack a small bag with snacks and toys to keep everyone happy during the session

In regards to your hair and make-up, I encourage clients to aim for a natural, everyday look. This is not the best time to wear heavy makeup or try out a new hairstyle. Keep in mind that the focal point of your images will be your smile and family bond, not your makeup, clothing, or background.

Family photo shoots allow me to capture your unique family connections in an exciting, enjoyable session. Feel free to contact me for information about booking a session or with any questions about your upcoming shoot.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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