Rainy Day Portraits: Reschedule Or Have An Adventure?

Rainy Day PortraitsWeather is a major factor when it comes to scheduling outdoor family sessions. Many times, I have clients who will call me and wonder if we should reschedule because the forecast says that it is going to be raining in Brisbane, or at least have an 80% chance of rain. Something that I have noticed is that our forecasts aren’t always spot on! In fact, while it might be raining in one part of Brisbane, it might not be raining in another location. I am going to take a look at how rainy day portraits can be fun, whether or not you should reschedule, and the perks you can experience with your rainy day portraits.

Should You Reschedule?

Ah, the question everyone has when the forecast predicts rain or if you look out you window, seeing water pour from the sky! You can always reschedule, but something I’ve experienced is that I have only had to reschedule two or three times in the last few years due to the weather. That’s because the weather is quite fickle here, but also because rainy day portraits add a gorgeous glow to photographs that the sun just cannot add. As I said, you can always reschedule if you feel that it will throw off your portraits, especially if you have wavy or curly hair, and plan to straighten your hair for the portraits. (In fact, that is one of the only cons to rainy day portraits that I’ve experienced.) 

Perks Of Rainy Day Portraits

Rainy day portraits have several great perks that I think you will love, which is why you should consider whether or not you really should reschedule. One of the best things about rainy day portraits is that the light is simply magical. It fills up all of the shadows, you won’t be squinting in the harsh sunlight, and there is just this magnificent glow that fills up the area. I love how rainy day portraits turn out; the lighting is so natural and beautiful.

Another great perk of rainy day portraits is they are a great way to help your kids relax, have fun, and be themselves. Kids aren’t too keen on portrait sessions that are overly serious, and rainy day portraits are anything but serious. Your kids can play around in puddles, or run around in the light sprinkles. When a droplet of water lands on their face, they’ll laugh and laugh, giving a gorgeous natural smile that they might not have given in a serious session. Now, you don’t always have to allow your kids to play in puddles, but a rainy day just adds such a great element to a relaxing session. 

Until Next Time

If you don’t want to be outside during a few sprinkles, or need to find another location, I can work with you to find the perfect place. I understand that there are times where you have to have your portraits on a certain day, and I will work to help you out! Never be afraid to call and chat with me about your portraits and how we can either turn your family photographs into gorgeous rainy day portraits, or if we can find another, wonderful location. Contact me today for your next family portrait session!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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