The Top 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Sept55Taking photographs is an absolutely wonderful idea for everyone and their families. However, many times, I notice that several people are afraid because they don’t feel beautiful in photographs. It is important to you and me that you feel beautiful in portraits because I know how much you will love to get great family photographs and cherish those memories. I am going to talk about how you can easily accomplish this, capturing long-lasting memories that I am sure you will adore throughout the years!

1. Professional Photographs – Know What to Hide

A great way to feel beautiful in photographs is to get portraits taken by a professional photographer such as myself. Not only do we have the eye for great photographs, but we also know what to hide and can easily do this with posing and other tricks. Knowing the major things that people want to hide helps my clients feel relaxed throughout the session, and it always produces excellent memories that you will be proud to hang on your wall. 

2. Wear Clothes that Suit You.

Wearing certain clothes are a great way to feel beautiful in photographs and different styles can help with various issues. Let me show you a few styles that are easy to find and affordable that can easily help you feel great!

  • V-Neck Shirts: These help to slim us down in photographs, and also helps to give the illusion that we are taller. If looking slimmer and taller in photographs is something you want, simply choose a lovely white V-neck. You can easily find these at most stores, and many are very affordable!
  • Three-quarter Length Sleeves: These help your arms look great and can easily make your arms look slimmer if you wear shirts with tighter arms. Don’t go too tight though! These shirts are perfect if the day is cooler, but you can always rock these shirts in the summer depending on the material.
  • Scarves are Excellent: As we age, many of us aren’t the biggest fans of our necks. Because of this, scarves are a great accessory and are perfect to feel beautiful in photographs. Find a nice, light scarf that matches your outfit to have a lovely ensemble that will help you relax, as well as look and feel gorgeous! 

3. Lean Forward to Look Relaxed and Feel Beautiful in Photographs

One last suggestion I give my clients is that leaning forward is a perfect way to look and feel beautiful in photographs. This helps to slim your arms down, and also helps lengthen your neck. Many times, when people are staring up at the camera, their faces look radiant and gorgeous! 

You may have different things that you dislike about your body, and I want to tell you to feel free to talk to me about these. My goal is to make sure you always feel beautiful in photographs, and I am willing to help however I can. Don’t feel embarrassed – we all have things we’d like to hide! Contact me today and we can chat about your session and get some gorgeous shots of you and your family.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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